In support of Gatorade's newest product line, G Series FIT, Coco will be a part of a group of athlete ambassadors that will compose the G FIT Team! Designed to help fitness athletes get the most out of their bodies, Gatorade has created G Series FIT – a new line of products that includes G Series FIT 01 Prime, G Series FIT 02 Perform and G Series FIT 03 Recover. It was developed scientifically for fitness-minded individuals to provide fuel, fluid and nutrients before, during and after a workout, training session or activity.

Each G Series FIT product has been designed with the fitness athlete's lifestyle and specific fueling and hydration demands in mind, pre (01), during (02), and post (03) exercise through a functional package design, custom product portions, and the natural ingredients, such as fruits and nuts, found in 01 Prime.
· G Series FIT 01 Prime: a specialized pre-workout fuel in the form of small energy bites designed to help fitness athletes prepare for their workout by providing nutrients for the body and carbohydrates to help one get the most out of their workout, without feeling too full. G Series FIT 01 Prime offers personalized portion control and stay-fresh packaging which makes it easy to fuel individual energy needs and to customize portion size based on intensity and duration of the workout.
· G Series FIT 02 Perform: a lightly-flavored electrolyte drink designed to help fitness athletes maintain hydration more efficiently than water. G Series FIT 02 Perform helps to replace the fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat while invigorating the senses to keep one pushing through a workout without being weighed down. The innovative bottle features a hydration gauge that allows fitness athletes to track their fluid consumption throughout their workout or activity, a sports cap for quick and easy drinking, and a slim-sized bottle designed to fit bike and treadmill drink holders. G Series FIT 02 Perform also features a unique cooling taste that provides a crisp feel on the tongue when consumed.
· G Series FIT 03 Recover: a light, refreshing, fruit-based smoothie designed to help restore your body after a workout through a blend of protein (12g), carbohydrates (12g), vitamins and minerals, with 120 calories per 11.16 oz. serving. Some real fruit juice, calcium and vitamin D, make G Series FIT 03 Recover great to consume within 30-60 minutes following activity to effectively assist in muscle recovery. In an effort to meet the busy lifestyle demands of the fitness athlete, G Series FIT 03 Recover does not need to be refrigerated before being consumed.

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