Colin Moran and Ian Crane Sign with Ocean & Earth

Colin Moran. Photo: Lahr

Ocean & Earth International are extremely proud to announce 4 year USA Surf Team member Colin Moran will continue surfing for the 30 year old heritage surf brand; but now as the newest member of the International Pro Team.

“I am so stoked to be on the International Team along side of incredible surfers like Owen Wright and Bobby Martinez and so many others". Adding; "These guys are an inspiration to me, and having O&E products to keep supporting me for a busy year ahead is sic!"

Colin appears to have harnessed the inspiration of Martinez and Owen, while continuing to add relentless determination, an upbeat attitude and just plain hard work throughout a very solid junior career.

"Colin has been killing it at the junior level and his results and surfing speak for themselves….Ocean and Earth are stoked that Colin is now on the international team. The surfing world is truly at this young kids feet and the only way is up!" Phil "Macca" MacDonald; former top 5 WCT surfer and O&E International business manager.

So far Colin has achieved a lion's share of his surfing goals, highlighted early on with a win at the VQS Champs back in 2008 in the Grom division.

Joey Buran, coach of team USA remarked back in 2009 "Colin was our hardest worker last year and the progression showed through"... continuing; "he may be young, but with the undeniable talent and focus Moran has showed as a competitive surfer, a bright future is rapidly approaching".

Burans words would come to life sooner rather than later.

Colin's breakout 2010 season included a win at the Rip Curl Grom Search, 3rd at the USA Championships, 2nd at the NSSA National Men's Varsity Champs and a huge victory taking 1st at the NSSA Open Men's at Seaside Reef; a feat more impressive due to the fact that he did it as a Junior surfer.

Colin's a sure footed natural foot surfer with a smooth, classic style that's easy to watch. He surfs with more power, grace and maturity than his young age which is a compliment to his physical size and posses' as creative a trick bag as any of his peers.

Moran's 3rd place showing in the 18 and under division at the 2011 Quiksilver USA Championships as a 16 yr. old keeps him right on track, and shows his work ethic and positive attitude are paying off.

Colin Moran; "This is an important time in my life where I am getting to the top of my amateur career and beginning the Pro Juniors and QS events. I am 16 and was named to the USA Surf Team in the U18s, so I'm really looking forward to representing the Stars and Stripes at World Juniors 2012."

"The transition from 15 to 18 years old and up can often be an awkward and precarious stage for a young surfer, but say's Dave Nielsen, VP Americas for Ocean & Earth. "Colin appears extremely comfortable in his own skin, has a great sense of humor and a calm sense about him; we're sure he won't miss a beat in his natural progression through the ranks".

Colin; "I’ll be training hard and hope to do more traveling. I just finished my sophomore year in High School, summer is here and Championship season is underway. It's all good here in So. Cal!

We couldn't agree more...

Colin Moran profile:

Photo: Ocean & Earth

Ian Crane has nothing but hard work and dedication to blame for overcoming obstacle and injury to earn a place on the roster of Ocean & Earth's International surf team.

Says Ian; “I’m super stoked to be able to surf on the same team as Bobby Martinez and Owen Wright. Both guys are sic surfers and it’s an honor to be mentioned in the same group as them. They definitely motivate me to work harder to do well in my ASP men’s heats, as well as the Pro Junior's".

After sustaining a nasty hip injury that sidelined his surfing for 5 months of 2010, Ian found faith in his ability to overcome this setback, and quickly rose to the next challenge; winning the 2011 Volcom VQS Junior Championship.

Phil "Macca" MacDonald, former top 5 WCT surfer & O&E International business manager on Ian's comeback; "Ocean and Earth are stoked to sign Ian to the international team, as coming back from serious injury, his hard work and determination are inspirational. The kid rips and seems to be improving everyday…He has a huge future and we are stoked to be part of that…."

Definitely not looking in the rear view mirror, Ian's as hell bent on achieving the goals of his new career challenges as he was in 2010 recovering from injury and getting back onto the fast track...

Case in point; Crane's gone from surfing in one ASP star event last year to more than 10 this year. Further, he's intent on making a hard push for ASP points and won't stop until he reaches his ultimate goal of earning a spot on the WCT in the next few years.

"Ian's natural ability is fueled by a relentless drive, and when tempered by an even keeled personality in the water can be his magic combination said Dave Nielsen, VP Americas, Ocean & Earth adding; and that's where I think he'll find patience enough to keep his progress in perspective and ultimately achieve his goals"

Ian's main focus in 2012 is his Pro Jr & ASP men’s star ranking, and for 2013 he will be 100% involved in only Pro Jr, ASP men’s stars and Prime events and very much looking forward to the challenge.

Crane on O&E; "I'm really excited to be surfing for such a legendary company like Ocean & Earth. It has such a great heritage and reputation for not only putting out quality products, but also as a core surf brand that supports its athlete's goals and ambitions".

And on pure talent alone, Ian is more than capable of belonging among the ranks of where he plans on going, and among his peers rank as one of the top threats to make it there...

“Ian is a really powerful surfer and always a force to be reckoned with" Luke Davis; 2011 USA Surf Team

“Ian’s surfing is very unpredictable. He’ll show his hairy ass to the whole beach full of girls on one wave, and a five foot punt on the next. He’s handsome too!” Kolohe Andino; 2011 Quiksilver USA Champ.

"Seriously though" says Ian; "Being on the International team (with Bobby Martinez and Owen Wright) gives me that much more incentive to be at my best. I'm looking forward to supporting the Ocean & Earth brand and surfing for the Ocean & Earth team to the best of my ability".

Ocean & Earth has been at the pinnacle of the Australian and international surfing industry for over 25 years. Based in Sussex Inlet on the NSW south coast, Ocean Earth has become a recognizable leader in both surf and snow accessories and apparel in over 20 countries worldwide.

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