Craig Anderson Joins Electric Family

Electric Visual would like to welcome to the team Craig Anderson aka Nando’s. Craig is now one of Australia’s newest free surfing freak sensations to come out of a pond that runs deep with this type of surfing talent. Surfers like Ozzie Wright, Ry Craike, Jay Davies and Dave Rastovich come to mind when you think of the guys who have paved the way for this unique breed of incredibly talented surfers.

Craig is originally from South Africa where he used to compete along side good mate and current ASP world Tour # 11 Jordy Smith. Craig and his family moved to Newcastle when he was 15 and settled in nicely to the Aussie lifestyle.

Craig’s destiny is to be one of today’s and become one of tomorrows best futuristic surfers and go bigger and higher above the lip or deeper in the pit on his free surfing journeys around the globe. Craig is also working hard on his international profile with the help of some of today’s best surf film makers Taylor Steele and Kai Nevell, of whom he is on location presently back in South Africa filming with Jordy and Taylor for an upcoming movie.

Craig’s latest cameo in 'Modern Collective’ was just a small glimpse of his exceptional talent that will no doubt turn some heads in the near future. Craig ain’t no novelty, this kid is here to stay and lead the way. He rips when it’s small and punchy; he also loves a good thick gnarly pit and will charge whatever comes his way.

His favourite surfer’s are Rob Machado and Electric’s Godfather figure Matt Hoy.
“Nandos Chicken is the man! I’m so stoked to have him join the team, Let’s fucken Rock n Roll Nando,” said Hoy.

Craig is over the moon to be associated with the Electric brand and the next few years are going to be one hell of a ride so buckle up and hold on!