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Summer is coming to a close soon with colder water and shorter days on the way and it’s the perfect time to plan a last minute trip for the end of summer or fall, or start planning your dream surf trip for 2010. We still have some great options for this summer’s season if you can get away, as well as the best surf trip for the fall or winter to the Pohnpei Surf Club in the Caroline Islands out in the Pacific. Or you can look ahead to spring & summer of 2010 to start planning your charter or resort package to the Maldives or Indonesia and lock in early booking specials. Either way, perfect warm-water barrels await you!!!

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Current Specials!!!
Pohnpei Surf Club, Caroline Islands

Located just above the equator in the western North Pacific, the Caroline Islands receive swell from Fall through Spring from the storms in the NW Pacific off of Japan. The same storms that send swells to Hawaii’s north shores and then to the US West Coast, start off by first sending groomed lines to this island’s perfect right-hand reefs. Our pacakges include flights from anywhere in the US, airport transfers, accommodation, daily breakfast, and daily trips to the reefs by boat with guide. Click here for more info.

For bookings made by Oct 31st, we are offering the following special:
Stay 6 nights, pay for 5 nights
Stay 10, pay for 8
Stay 13, pay for 10

Call now for air-inclusive packages for your dates & departure airport.

Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives

We still have plenty of space at the Hudhuranfushi Resort in the North Male Atoll area in the Maldives for the resort of this season. For all 2009 bookings, we are still offering 1 free night for every week you stay, and we have also discounted pacakges from Sep 1st through Oct 10th even further. We are also taking advanced reservations for the 2010 season for those looking further ahead. Call now for air-inclusive packages for your dates & departure airport. Click here for more info.

Current Hudhuranfushi Resort availability for 2009:
Aug 22-29: 2 rooms
Aug 29-Sep 5: 1 room
Sep 5-12: 6 rooms
Sep 12-19: 7 rooms
Sep 19-26: BOOKED
Sep 29-Oct 3: 1 room
Oct 3-10: 3 rooms

2009 Maldives Charters

If a live-aboard surf charter is more your style, then we have a number of different options with the economical Handhu & Handhu Fahli charters, as well as the luxurious Ocean Dancer & Gaaviyaa charters, which all operate in the North & South Male Atolls. With perfect waves on offer just a short paddle away, this is the best way to maximize your surf time. Below are the charters still available this season with charter cost (excluding airfare). Check with us for the cheapest flights from your airport. Click here for more info.

Ocean Dancer charter: $2190 pp double, $2845 single
Sep 14-21: 8 spots (guaranteed departure)
Sep 21-28: 14 spots
Sep 28-Oct 5: 14 spots

Gavviyaa charter: $1440.00 per surfer
Aug 31-Sep 7: 12 spots
Sep 7-14: 9 spots (guaranteed departure)
Sep 14-21: 4 spots (guaranteed departure)
Sep 21-28: 12 spots
Sep 28-Oct 5: 12 spots

Handhu charter: $910 per surfer
Oct 5-12: 4 spots (guaranteed departure)
Oct 12-19: 12 spots
Oct 19-26: 12 spots

Handhu Fahli charter: $1050 per surfer
Aug 29-Sep 5: 10 spots
Sep 19-26: 5 spots (guaranteed departure)
Sep 26-Oct 3: 10 spots
Oct 17-24: 10 spots
Oct 24-31: 10 spots
Oct 31-Nov 7: 10 spots


Indonesia Surf Charters & Resorts

For the best and most perfect waves the world has to offer, the crown jewel would still have to be Indonesia. With more islands than any other nation, the wave possibilites are endless. From the high end charters and resorts in the Mentawais and other islands off Sumatra, to the many land based options around Bali including the G-Land Jungle Surf camp, Lombok, and Sumbawa’s Lakey Peak or Scar reef regions, there is a trip for every surfer’s desires or budget. Below are the remaining charters available in the Mentawais & North Sumtra this season (excluding airfare). We also have late season specials for the Resort Latitude Zero in the Telos Islands with 15% off until the end of the year, as well as further discounts if combining with a stay on the Nomad charter. Click here for more info.

Freedom 3 charter, 12 nights Mentawais: $3300.00 per surfer
Oct 19-31: 10 spots
Nov 2-14: 10 spots
Nov 16-28: 10 spots

Freedom 2 charter, 12 nights Mentawais: $3520.00 per surfer
Sep 11-23: 8 spots
Oct 9-21: 8 spots
Oct 23-Nov 6: 8 spots
Nov 8-20: 8 spots

MV Saranya charter, 11 nights Mentawais: $2730 pp (Sep), $2515 pp (Oct & Nov)
Sep 8-19: 8 spots
Sep 20-Oct 1: 8 spots
Oct 4-16: 2 spots (guaranteed departure)
Nov 1-12: 8 spots
Nov 16-27: 8 spots

Santa Lusia charter, 12 nights Mentawais: $2240.00 pp (Low season), $2420.00 pp (High)
Aug 23-Sep 4 (discounted to Low season): 4 spots (guaranteed departure)
Sep 6-18 (High): 2 spots (guaranteed departure)
Oct 18-30 (Low): 10 spots
Nov 1-13 (Low): 10 spots

Nomad charter, 7 nights North Sumatra: $1715.00 pp (Telo-Padang or Padang-Telos), $1995.00 pp (Telos-Telos)
Aug 29-Sep 5 (T-P): 8 spots
Sep 5-12 (P-T): 8 spots
Sep 12-19 (T-T): 8 spots
Sep 19-26 (T-T): 8 spots
Sep 26-Oct 3 (T-P): 8 spots
Oct 24-31 (T-P): 8 spots
Oct 31-Nov 7 (P-T): 8 spots
Nov 7-14 (T-T): 8 spots
Nov 14-21 (T-T): 8 spots
Nov 21-28 (T-P): 8 spots

Indo Jiwa charter, 11 nights North Sumatra: $2420 per surfer
Aug 24-Sep 4: 10 spots
Oct 19-30: 10 spots

Current deals for 2010 Indo bookings:
– Kandui Resort is offering “Early Bird Specials” for limited time!!
– Santa Lusia charter is offering 2009 prices for 2010 bookings for a limited time!!


2010 Maldives Outer & Central Atolls charters

For those looking a little further out to plan next year’s surf vacation, we have some great early booking deals on our charters in the Maldives to the Outer Atolls on the Handhu & Handhu Fahli for February though April, and to the Central Atolls on the Handhu for May through October. With no surf resorts and very few charter boats operating in both regions, this is one of the few outposts left with no crowds! Because of this, space is gettting booked up well in advance so now’s the time to reserve your spot in the tube. Below are the current charter costs & avaiable for 2010 if you book now! Click here for more info on the Outer Atolls or Central Atolls.

Handhu – 12 nights Outer Atolls: $2525.00 per surfer
Feb 20-Mar 4: 12 spots
Mar 6-18: 12 spots
Mar 20-Apr 1: 1 spot
Apr 3-15: 8 spots
Apr 17-29: 12 spots

Handhu Fahli – 12 nights Outer Atolls: $2270.00 per surfer
Feb 22-Mar 6: 10 spots
Mar 8-20: 10 spots
Mar 22-Apr 3: BOOKED
Apr 5-17: 10 spots
Apr 19-May 1: 8 spots

Handhu – 12 nights Central Atolls: $2075.00 pp (Laamu to Male), $1970.00 pp (Male to Laamu)
May 3-14 (M-L): 12 spots
May 16-28 (L-M): 12 spots
May 31-Jun 11 (M-L): 12 spots
Jun 13-25 (L-M): 12 spots
Jun 28-Jul 9 (M-L): 12 spots
Jul 11-23 (L-M): 12 spots
Jul 26-Aug 6 (M-L): 12 spots
Aug 8-20 (L-M): RESERVED
Aug 23-Sep 3 (M-L): 12 spots
Sep 5-17 (L-M): 12 spots
Sep 20-Oct 1 (M-L): 12 spots
Oct 3-15 (L-M): 12 spots
Oct 18-29 (M-L): 12 spots
Oct 31-Nov 12 (L-M): 12 spots
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