Dax McGill Takes Top Honors at the Surf N Sea Women’s Pipe Pro presented by San Lorenzo Bikinis

Amid a solid head-high swell, a bevy of Hawaii's hardest-charging young women took to the waters at Pipeline for the Surf N Sea Pipeline Women's Pro presented by San Lorenzo bikinis. Once again, the event proved to be a milestone for women's surfing as the ladies continued to progress the sport with every heat surfed. To say that the women have merely raised the bar would be a huge understatement. The latest crop of young female chargers aren't just pushing the boundaries, they're rewriting the entire book.

Throughout the event, the North Shore's own Dax McGill proved to be in fine form, cutting through the shifty peaks at Pipe with all of the grace befitting the young upstart's current reputation.

"The conditions throughout the day were amazing. We had really clean head-high waves at Pipe and it's just such an amazing experience to be able to surf out there with just a few other girls out," said McGill. "Throughout the event, I was just looking to get some solid bowly waves in the beginning of each heat. And if they weren't coming through, my strategy was to look for longer rights at Backdoor."

McGill, 15, is no stranger to Pipeline and dominated her competition all the way to the finals, eventually besting the likes of hardened competitors Anastasia Ashley, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Frankie Harrer, Brianna Cope, and Melanie Bartels to take the win and move into women's surf history.

"It feels amazing to be able to take a win out there," added McGill. "I had my birthday the day before and then to go on to win an event at Pipe is just so special. I had all the crew at the Volcom house cheering me on the whole time."

Over the course of the past few years, competitive women's surfing has suffered some financial set backs in the wake of the global recession. To have a community and small, local businesses like Surf N Sea step up to the plate to support the sport speaks volumes. Without the support of local businesses, this event wouldn't be possible. This sentiment was something that rang true to McGill as well. "I couldn't be more stoked on the event. I want to thank all of the sponsors like Surf N Sea and San Lorenzo for supporting women's surfing."

"There's no denying that the competitive side women's surfing is in a tough place. But at Surf N Sea, we're 100 percent committed to the future of the sport and firmly believe that women are raising the bar every time they hit the water in a heat," said Surf N Sea's owner Joe Green. "That's why we're proud to support this event and the future of women's surfing in Hawaii. It's who we are as a company and we hope that other local surf shops in Hawaii will follow our lead. It's the right thing to do."