Dragon Celebrates Mick Fanning’s Title

Dragon's Mick Fanning Clinches His 3rd World Title‏


Fanning Takes the Title in Dramatic Showdown with Slater

Carlsbad, CA (December 16, 2013) – In an epic finale to the season, longtime Dragon athlete Mick Fanning clinched his third ASP World Championship in pumping, 10- to 12-foot at the Billabong Pipeline Masters.

On the final, nail-biting day of the final event of season, Mick Fanning was faced with an uncertain path to the 2013 World Title: he’d automatically take home the title if he made it past the quarterfinals, otherwise reigning World Champ Kelly Slater would have to lose the event in order for Mick to win the title. But Mick sealed the deal on his own terms, leaving nothing to fate. In the final moments of his quarterfinal heat Mick pulled into a perfect Pipe set wave, earning a 9.7 and ultimately taking home the 2013 world title.

“I’m just overwhelmed with emotion right now,” Mick said after his quarterfinal heat. “It was a fun year. I just really wanted to enjoy my time on Tour. A couple years ago I wasn’t really enjoying it, and I got to the end of that year and decided I just really wanted to soak in my time on Tour and just breathe, appreciating what we have and how lucky we are, and that’s what this year was.”

Dragon’s FANNO3x13: Mick Fanning 3x World Champion from DRAGON ALLIANCE on Vimeo.

Mick’s relationship with Dragon spans ­­16 years, and it’s that connection-and the relationship between Dragon and all of its athletes-that has continued play a key role in the development of technically innovative, premium, athlete-inspired eyewear. With Mick Fanning’s feedback, Dragon has designed the Mansfield to embody the smooth style of the three-time World Champ.

To celebrate Mick’s third world title, Dragon will release a short run of limited-edition three-time World Champ Mansfield sunglasses, which you can win by following Dragon on social media. All week long we’ll give away two pairs of Mansfield sunglasses everyday to the first person to correctly answer a Mick trivia question on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You think you know your stuff? Follow @DragonAlliance for your chance to win.

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