Matt Hoy

DREDED PTY LTD rocking from Newcastle, Australia is proud to announce the company's successful global launch. The launch comes off the back of an incredibly positive run of initial sales and customer feedback.

DREDED, a company co-founded by iconic surfing legend Matthew Hoy, 97 Bells Beach Pro Champion has always been influenced by motivated humans, surf, snow, art, travel, Rock 'n' Roll and cold beer.

Matt Hoy – "Surfing is a part of my life, I appreciate being affiliated with our forever growing industry and just doing exciting things! I used to surf with grip back in the 90's. I designed DREDED's range of traction pads to offer what I believe is the best possible product, also passing on a purchasable story and trip back in time to how grips should be."

The company's marketing directions are surrounded with influential artists and fellow industry family with a further direction of the unknown.

As Hoy would say, "Let's just roll with it."

Offering the consumer not just a grip but a story when purchasing! This is key to the business's model.

DREDED products are available to the consumer in four (4) varieties of unique high quality grips in premium BLACK materials, "Macro" and "Micro" textures. Both textured styles are available in two (2) and three (3) piece grips allowing effortless application. With the unknown of what is next.

DREDED products are available at all real surf stores Australian wide, also available globally online at ­

Please contact for sales and further inquiries.