EuroSIMA Launches New Website


At the end of 2009, EuroSIMA launches its new website, a new platform that will promote the actions developed by the European Boardsports Industry Manufacturers Association.

Since October 22, EuroSIMA has a new website:
To make the site as close as possible to the main missions of the association, its content has been divided into four main sections: INDUSTRY, EVENTS, EDUCATION/CAREER and ENVIRONMENT.

Internet users will be able to find economic information on the boardsports market in Europe, discover all the events organized by EuroSIMA, find a job or an internship in the sector and be informed of the environmental actions undertaken by the industry.

EuroSIMA therefore hopes to contribute to the promotion and development of the boardsports industry on the European territory.

Visit website:

About EuroSIMA
The boom in the surf market in the nineties led the leading brands of the boardsports industry to federate in order to master the diverging currents of opinion.
It is in this context that in 1999, EuroSIMA, the European Boardsports Industry Manufacturers Association was created.
The objective: to federate, defend, educate, promote and contribute to the development of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding with true boardriding spirit.