The FCS GMB-5 is used extensively by Mayhem's stable of LOST team riders and some of the world's best surfers. Having access to such high calibre surfers like Chris Ward and many of the top ASP tour professionals guarantees the FCS GMB-5 will live up to high expectations.

The FCS GMB template is a large performance fin featuring a substantial amount of depth, moderate sweep angle, a rounded full tip and a shorter base. The depth of the fin is complimented by longer leading and trailing edges which accentuate a progressive curved outline. These smooth curves provide an accurate translation of the performance of this fin.

A unique combination of design elements make the FCS GMB template versatile across a variety of different conditions and board designs. A shorter base allows for acute directional change and eliminates any 'sticking' sensations. The base length is offset by the depth, moderate sweep angle and a rounded full tip. These features translate into a fin with great pivoting characteristics that will also provide exceptional hold off the bottom and through the turning arc. The added advantage of Performance Core (PC) enhances the feel and performance of the GMB template. An increase in stiffness and positive tip flex adds faster start-up acceleration and response by creating an immediate transfer of energy from the surfer through to the fin.

The FCS GMB-5 comes available as a thruster, quad or as a 5 fin convertible, making it one of the most versatile fin sets in the FCS range. The thruster set consists of the FCS GMB template across all three fins. The quad option features the FCS GMB template in the front, coupled with the FCS G-1000 template in the rear. This rear fin has been designed with an 80/20 foil to further enhance the performance of the fin when used as a quad.

"The size of my thruster template fits nicely between the FCS PC-5 and PC-7 making it very versatile. When set up as a quad the 80/20 foil on the rear fins help prevent tracking, while at the same time still retaining speed and thrust. The flat inside of the rear fin creates lift and drive just like the front fins, but the 20% roll on the leading edge allows it to smoothly transition from rail to rail." – Matt Biolos

Performance Core (PC) adds a new dimension to this highly popular fin template and is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fiberglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. Performance Core construction consists of a Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process. Polyester resin is injected into a mold containing a sandwich of lightweight lantor core matt (honeycomb foam-like compound) and sheets of fiberglass. This process guarantees precision and accuracy and produces a lightweight fin with calculated flex, a smooth feel and an impressive aesthetic. Each fin is then individually sanded and treated to produce a smooth matt finish.

The FCS GMB-5 is a size Large fin ideally suited to surfers: 165lbs – 200lbs / 75kg – 90kg

Thruster: Quad Rear:
Base: 4.41″ 112mm Base: 4.10″ 104mm
Depth: 4.74″ 120mm Depth: 4.26″ 108mm
Area: 15.26″2 9847mm2 Area: 12.64″2 8158mm2
Sweep: 32.9º Sweep: 32.4º

The FCS GMB-5 is available in-store now
For more information visit www.surffcs.com