The variation between the side and centre fins delivers a loose feel and offers the ability to slide and release the tail with speed and control.

The FCS K2.1 Grom takes fin aesthetics to a whole new level. Each side fin features a dark silk inlay on the outer face, and a white lantor core insert on the inside face. These combine to portray an image of hardcore performance and sleek style. The appeal of the fin is completed with Kelly’s signature circle, cut out of the silk inlay, making it truly unmistakable.

“The FCS K2.1 turns in a really tight arc, I use them in beach breaks, reef breaks and hollow waves. They’re perfect when you want to accelerate really quick, do your thing and get out of there”. – Kelly Slater (9 Times ASP World Champion)

The FCS K2.1 Grom is an size fin ideally suited to surfers:

Under 120lbs / 55kg
– The FCS K2.1 Grom is an Extra Small fin with a flat sided foil, designed for lighter surfers.
– The FCS K2.1 Grom is approximately 10% smaller than the
Medium size K2.1 template.
– All the design elements of the K2.1 Grom are identical to the original K2.1 fin.
– The FCS K2.1 side fins feature a very compact, upright
template with minimal sweep angle and relatively short
leading and trailing edges.
– The center fin is comparatively smaller in area to the side fins, and is based on the same geometry as the FCS G3 template.

Performance Core (PC) enhances this popular fin template and is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fibreglass fin with the advantage of reduced weight. A rigid base and stiff tip flex delivers faster response by creating an immediate transfer of energy from the surfer through to the fin. This leads to even quicker start-up acceleration and makes it an ideal fin for tight
pocket surfing in extremely critical sections
Performance Core (PC) construction consists of a Resin
Transfer Molding (RTM) process. Polyester resin is injected into a mold containing a sandwich of lightweight lantor core matt (honeycomb foam-like compound) and sheets of fibreglass. This process guarantees precision and accuracy and produces a lightweight fin with calculated flex. Each fin is then individually sanded and treated to produce a smooth matt finish.

The FCS K2.1 is a proven winning template, and an essential
tool in Kelly’s global domination of professional surfing. Kelly has won numerous events riding the FCS K2.1 at places like Snapper Rocks, Fiji, Tahiti, Pipeline and Trestles.
The upright fin template (minimal sweep angle) on the side
fins offer incredible pivoting capabilities and allows for acute directional changes. The centre fin is slightly smaller in area and features more sweep angle and curve in the overall template.