“There’s been lots of earthquakes, which is scary as we’re right on a fault line out here, not a great place to be so close to sea level, we’re hoping the quakes settle soon as we’re expecting a crazy swells and with a bit of luck 10-20 second barrels at Nokandui”, said Ian Battrick, Finisterre Ambassador.

The Mentawaii islands have held a strong draw to travelling surfers thanks to their tropical water and picture perfect reef passes, yet as Finisterre ambassador Ian Battrick has been finding out they also lie over a 'hot spot’ for tectonic activity, with the area showing some major earthquakes in the last couple of weeks. On a diet of rice and fish and constant earthquake alert, Battrick has been putting some quality time in, product testing Finisterre gear to the fullest and waiting for one of the heaviest and fastest lefts in the world; Kandui, or the more aptly named 'Nokandui’ to work.

Tom Kay, Finisterre’s Founder, was at a loss for words, when he saw the video Battrick sent over of him riding out a huge ten-second barrel. “This guy continues to put himself and our product, in some heavy situations, inspiring stuff to think we were a part of it.” “Just watch the guy paddling out through the channel, he pulls up to get a better view and throw his hands up in celebration, think that says it all”, said marketing director Ernest Capbert.

For more information on Ian Battrick’s adventures and a video of the ten-second barrel, head over to Finisterre’s blog at www.finisterreuk.com/thepost.
Finisterre is a small and exclusive brand located on the cliffs of Northern Cornwall, pioneering in the areas of sustainability and technical apparel for the surfer.