Futures Welcomes Jordy Smith

Huntington Beach, Ca - 3/23/10 - Futures Fins is stoked to announce the signing of South African phenom Jordy Smith to the global team. At only 23 years old, Smith has taken the surfing world by storm, becoming one of the most progressive surfers on the planet and finishing runner-up to the ASP World Title in 2010.

Jordy felt the benefits of riding Futures during the second half of his impressive 2010 season saying, “The fins are really strong, and they seem to hold when you really want to lay it on a rail. The fins have an amazing kind of flex that I love." He made the decision to ride the Futures system 100% for 2011.

Following the opening stop of the 2011 World Tour, Futures caught up with Jordy in Australia to ink the deal and get things working. Talking about the system, Jordy expressed his commitment to the system, "I have been riding them around six to eight months. Before that I was pretty stuck on fixed fins. I was blessed as a kid; my dad is a surfboard shaper. Growing up, I spent my whole life in the shaping bay, in and around the factory. So, I know every little nook and cranny of my board, and I know what works for me. Futures work, so I'm pretty pumped."

Futures is pumped too, immediately getting to work on the development of a signature range of fins based on Jordy's specific design preferences, planned for global release in 2012. The Jordy fins will be released in all sizes, so every Futures customer can get a feel for what he is riding.

"We are very happy to welcome Jordy to the Futures team. Not only is he one of the best in the world, he really knows what he's riding and what works," said Vince Longo, Futures President and CEO. "We're really looking forward to the coming years with Jordy, taking his equipment to the next level."

Jordy joins surfing icons Rob Machado, David Rastovich, John Florence, Clay Marzo and Ry Craike, as well as World Tour standouts Brett Simpson, Michel Bourez and Adam Melling on the Futures global team.

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FUTURES WELCOMES JORDY SMITH from Futures Fins on Vimeo.