El Segundo, CA. January 2011 – The eminent action sports brand, Globe, announced today a new multi-year commitment with two of the world's most prolific surfers, CJ and Damien Hobgood. As twins bound together since birth, so goes the story of Globe's longstanding relationship with CJ and Damien, who have been a part of the Globe family for nearly 15 years now. Signing on to continue to represent Globe for Footwear and Cruiserboards, the 'Goods will remain as mainstays of Globe's brand in the surf market and ensure that global surf enthusiasts will be able to indulge in hi-fi Hobgood shred action in Globe's new surf film, 0000 (year zero).

In announcing the sponsorship, Matt Hill, Globe's CEO, said, "The Hobgoods have spent almost their entire careers sponsored by Globe and we see this relationship continuing in perpetuity. They are family. They will continue to be featured riders in our advertising and surf films and will continue to be involved with the brand in many ways. And later on, we still see a place for them to be involved with our brand in new and interesting ways outside of surfing and competition."

With a few major trips already in the bag, Globe film Director and longtime friend of the Hobgoods, Joe G., expressed his feelings on the new deal and the Good's involvement in 0000. "We've generated so much momentum over the years rolling with CJ and Damien and have channeled much of it into our new surf film project, 0000, which they will star in along side of Taj Burrow, Dion Agius, Yadin NIcol, Nate Tyler, among others. CJ and Damo continue to blow me away with their individual abilities to fly with young guys when its fun, but shift gears when it gets heavy and charge like no one else on earth."

CJ sums up his feelings with a few words, "Globe shoes will be on my feet when I die. We are full speed ahead with Globe and really excited about the new film 0000. Working towards an epic!" Damien, who text in from an undisclosed location in Mexico while filming for 0000, exclaims, "Dear Globe, love you long time. Super stoked on the new commitment!"

Having served as amazing mentors for fellow Globe riders Dion Agius, Yadin Nicol, Nate Tyler, and many others along the way, Cj and Damo are constantly elevating the level of surfing on trips and pushing these guys to reach their full potential. Additionally, both brothers are still within the top 16 on the ASP World Tour and continue to leave their mark on in the sport every year. As professional athletes, ambassadors, parents, friends, and all around good people, the 'Goods are destined for non-stop success and greatness. The crew at Globe are stoked to keep the magic alive!