Haley Butcher Benefit with Warpaint

Haley’s Story:

Before Haley became sick in October of 2010 – she was a very active, very fit, and very strong athlete who played Varsity Volleyball for her Huntington Beach high school.

October 2010 – Haley was admitted into Long Beach Miller’s Children’s Hospital with fevers and pain upon breathing. The blood test results showed very unusual blood count and low platelets. She was seen by many specialists and underwent many different tests such as EKG, Chest x-ray, CT scan of head and chest, pulmonary function test, lumbar puncture, bronchoscopy, bone marrow biopsy, and lung biopsy. During her first 4 week stay – she was diagnosed as having: pleurisy, pneumonia, viral meningitis, and interstitial lung disease. She was released in November… In early February her health again started to fail… She was once again admitted into the hospital with high fever, severe joint pain, and vomiting. Every specialist known to man saw her – she once again endured a bone marrow biopsy and received a blood transfusion. The bone marrow biopsy concluded her final diagnose of MDS.

August 2011- Haley was admitted to UCLA for a bone marrow transplant to try and correct her MDS. She was admitted ahead of schedule because she was running high fevers and doctors wanted to keep a close eye on her as she approached her transplant date. Haley underwent a round of chemo and her transplant without many complications other than nausea and hair loss. But then, because her immune system was so suppressed, she contracted an extremely invasive fungal lung infection that required her to be admitted to the ICU where she was placed on life support. After three weeks of countless white cell transfusions and anti-fungal regimens, she was finally healthy enough to return to the transplant ward. Even though she was showing signs of improvement, tests showed that the donor’s marrow had not engrafted, meaning that Haley would have to undergo another bone marrow transplant. In late October Haley fell gravely ill again. Initially, doctor’s thought she had pneumonia or pleurisy or a combination of the two. But a needle biopsy showed that it was in fact the fungal infection, which had spread to both lobes of her lungs. She was placed on life support again. As the infection spread without any response to anti-fungal medications, Haley’s body began to shut down. Once doctors realized that Haley’s kidneys had stopped functioning completely, they stopped all intravenous antibiotics and anti-fungals, only using Haley’s IV line to keep her comfortable. In her last days, her two favorite bands (The Growlers and Warpaint) came to play at her bedside. Haley passed away on 11/07/2011 at 3:20 with her family at her side.

Music and going to shows was a huge part of Haley’s life which is why we’ve brought these bands together to play Haley’s dream show. All proceeds are going to Haley’s family and the foundations of their choice.

Come and dance for Haley.