Chris Abad injured his neck while surfing the Oceanside Pier at home. See how you can help his recovery below.

Chris Abad injured his neck while surfing the Oceanside Pier at home. See how you can help his recovery below.

From Chris Abad’s family:

On Saturday, Chris Abad suffered a near fatal neck injury while surfing. He was life-flighted to the Scripps Memorial Hospital, where he has been ever since.

According to the Doctor, Chris was five pounds of pressure away from losing his life. He fractured his C1, C2, and possibly C3 vertebrae. The good news is that the doctor was astounded at Chris's ability to feel and use his feet and hands, and even more importantly, the strength he exhibited while being tested for the extent of his injury. The normal worry with an injury like this is that the patient will end up in a wheelchair. Not for Chris. he's too strong.

This Monday, May 11th, Chris underwent a successful neck surgery without any complications and is currently recovering in the ICU at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. The doctors fused his C2 and C3 vertebrae which will provide him the stability to lead a normal life, with some impaired movement of his neck. As Chris is coming out of the anesthesia, he is able to move arms and legs and slowly communicating with family members.

On Wednesday, May 13th, the doctors will perform an angiogram of his main artery which suffered a little damage in order to access the proper treatment going forward.The doctors believe Chris will be out of ICU sometime this week and start therapy.

We all know Chris to be tough and it is his resilience that will be the thing that allows him to recover better than even his health care professionals believe he can. Whatever their prognosis is, Chris will prove that he is the exception and will prosper more and get better faster than anyone else in his predicament.

We want to thank everyone that knows Chris for all of their prayers, love, and support. We pray for a fast and remarkable recovery.

The Abad Family

This is your chance as a surfer to help another that has been greatly involved in our industry and community. With your help and positivity, we know that Chris will be surfing again in no time. If you care to donate, do so HERE.