Hydroflex Surfboard Technology has teamed up with shaper Jon Pyzel and his label, Pyzel Surfboards

OCEANSIDE, CA (August 1, 2013) Hydroflex Surfboard Technology has teamed up with shaper Jon Pyzel and his label, Pyzel Surfboards, now building some of the most innovative / high-performance surfboards on the market. Hydroflex now offers all current Pyzel models with Hydroflex lamination technology. Jon Pyzel is one of the industry leaders in bringing high-performance and new innovative shapes to the market.

Jon Pyzel grew up in Santa Barbara, CA, an area rich with surfing history and perfect right points. After traveling the world for surf, Jon made the move for better waves and warmer water to Oahu’s North Shore in 1992. From starting in the glass room fixing dings, Pyzel worked his way up to full time glasser and shaped himself his first board around 1995. Shaper Jeff Bushman soon took him under his wing and put him to work in the shaping bay, to help refine his skills and become more in-tune with board shaping.

"I’m really stoked to be working with the crew at Hydroflex to explore some new ways of building our boards. I really like their ideas and being able to expand the choice of construction, flex and weight that we are able to offer everyone. The boards look and feel amazing!" says Pyzel.

Hydroflex builds surfboards with their patented 3D-Glassing™ technology, which multiplies the bonding surface between the foam and fiberglass for a stronger more durable board without giving up performance. Hydroflex uses the best materials on the market, never compromising quality or contruction of their product. Hydroflex technology eliminates delamination while increasing responsiveness and holding truer flex patterns.

“Jon Pyzel is one of the top shapers in the world with a work ethic to match, which I highly respect”, says CEO Rich Ciesco. The surfboards will be built at Hydroflex's facility in Oceanside, Ca and distributed through the Hydoflex network of retailers and through custom online orders. Look for Pyzel boards to become available late summer 2013.

Hydroflex Technology LLC is a custom surfboard manufacturer with 25 years of experience in flexible board constructions. After years of research, the surfer and shaper Bufo developed the patented 3-dimensional glassing technique together with a team of surfers, shapers and space technology engineers. Bufo had the structure of plants in mind, when he engineered this very unique technology back in Germany. He then moved in 2009 to Oceanside, to share with surfers and shapers. Today the creation of every Hydroflex construction replaces the conventional two-dimensional adhesion surface with a 3-dimensional bonding structure, resulting in a design aimed towards high performance surfing. http://www.hydroflex-surfboards.com

Not every surfboard by Jon Pyzel is shown here, but every model is available through our online custom order form The quality and durability of our high performance surfboards is supported by the use of highest quality materials in the industry. All our surfboards have an epoxy resin shell which is lighter and stronger than standard polyester resin. Combined with our multiple award winning surfboard constructions and the creative innovation of our 3D-glassing™, we are excited to produce the most cutting-edge and the most high performance surfboards on the market. In order to deliver the best surfboard shapes, we work together with world class surfboard shapers. All of our boards are custom made, produced locally to support your local surfing community and never “over seas”.

Richard Ciesco (CEO)
Phone: 1-760-757-7006