Idyllic Clothing

Growing up in the small town of Chahtam NJ just an hour from the beach, the city, and the mountain, this location really shaped our unique style. In the thick of wealthy and preppy country clubbers, you could find us shredding whatever we could get our boards on. Skipping school to take beach and snowboard trips became a norm as we stood apart from the rest of the town. As juniors in high school, we finally realized we had something good going, something secretive from the rest of our town and friends. One day we decided to translate our lifestyle into visuals: products that could be shared with everyone. From that day on we persisted in art classes and established a name for our brand. After many tedious weeks of design- ing and searching, we came across the word “idyllic” in English class, drew up a few mock-ups and rode with it. Each of us knew we were going off to college next year and had no idea what we wanted to do with out lives however we knew this: We weren’t going to major in something we knew nothing about and come out with a 9-5 job working for the man. From there on we saw our vision, pushed our creativity to the limit, and started making tees. While getting bashed along the way by our peers, we kept our heads high and took off with the company. Aside from its catchy ring, our label has meaning, something that resonates within all of us. Leading an idyllic life consists of no worries, living for the moment, and taking it all in.You can now find the majority of the town and the surrounding area rocking our threads and taking part in this movement we call “idyllic”. Live, love, and shred!