Seven surfers tapped to lead brand expansion

Coral Gables, Fla. — September 1, 2010 — SEVEN TIKI® Spiced Rum <> , a Fijian rum with spices and other natural flavors, today announced the formation of the first ever spirits surf team. Comprised of seven of the best surfers from the East Coast of the United States, the team includes Sam Hammer, Ben Bourgeois, Asher Nolan, Gabe Kling, Aaron Cormican, Alek Parker and Brian Toth.

South Pacific legend tells of Polynesian navigators, known as The Great Fleet, who set out from their homeland of Hawaiki in search of the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa. These brave navigators carved a 'Tiki' into the helm of each of seven outrigger canoes (or wakas) so "it should always cast a shadow to the East or West and keep the voyage true."  These Tikis represented seven skills and qualities they would need to complete their journey across the open sea. SEVEN TIKI is crafted in honor of these legendary gods and intrepid navigators.

"When putting a team together, we knew we needed specific talents true to our brand and we're pleased to have assembled a team that perfectly embodies SEVEN TIKI," stated Billy Melnyk, senior brand manager, SEVEN TIKI Spiced Rum. "We know these guys are great surfers, and from contests to art gallery openings these guys are good friends and great brand ambassadors for the SEVEN TIKI lifestyle. We couldn't have asked for a more complete team."

With the authenticity of the ingredients and the brand ethos of discovery, search, commitment and success in each bottle of SEVEN TIKI Spiced Rum, signing a team of surfers to represent the brand was a perfect opportunity. Made with perfectly balanced Fijian water filtered through lava rocks, the Fijian rum includes Indonesian sun-baked nutmeg, Madagascar vanilla, apricot, fig, and sugarcane.

"From competitive workhorses to creative savants, these guys are going to bring a level of surfing credibility to our brand unlike any other spirit company worldwide," continued Melnyk.


Commenting on being part of the team, Ben Bourgeois <>  from Wrightsville Beach, N.C., stated, "Traveling has been a huge part of my life for sometime so when I was approached by SEVEN TIKI, I was 100 percent on board. Not only is the rum insane, but the ingredients speak to all the places I love to travel to and experience."

St. Augustine, Fla.'s Gabe Kling <>  commented, "What I love about St. Augustine is the energy of the city. The history. The beach. The nightlife. There's a depth and richness to it. There's soul and there's soul in the bottle of SEVEN TIKI. Just try it!"

Isabella, Puerto Rico's Brian Toth <>  stated, "Growing up in Puerto Rico provides an understanding of a range of emotions and experiences. You gotta' push it and test boundaries and that is what SEVEN TIKI has done. Needles to say, I can find anything to mix with it for any situation, so it's all good."

Lavallette, N.J.'s Sam Hammer stated, "I love surfing in New Jersey, and I know SEVEN TIKI is making large investments into the surf scene here so to be part of the team is an honor."

Satellite Beach, Fla.'s Alek Parker <>  commented, "What SEVEN TIKI is doing to by combining spirits, surf and creativity is a positive force in the surfing culture. I look forward to representing the brand and look forward to the people I'm going to meet along the way. Oh, and kumquats are a secret ingredient!"

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.'s Asher Nolan <>  stated, "I know this brand is going to do great things and I'm proud to be on board. Because they're empowering us to come to them with ideas and opportunities, knowing that we have an investment in the direction of the brand is awesome. Matter-of-fact when I'm traveling, finding or having SEVEN TIKI to drink has become imperative, and then providing them feedback really makes being involved with SEVEN TIKI enjoyable."

New Smyrna Beach, Fla.'s Aaron Cormican commented, "These guys are legit. The cities they're claiming, their investment in surfers and surf communities, and their willingness to be involved and support the brand through surfing is insane. I look forward to reppin' the SEVEN TIKI sticker on my boards. Try it with anything in your fridge. Gorkin approved!"

With events being scheduled nationwide, SEVEN TIKI is joining organizations and companies throughout the United States to support events that embrace the life aquatic, adventure, travel and environmental sustainability. If you'd like SEVEN TIKI to be involved in your event please contact Ryan Marks at


SEVEN TIKI is a Fijian rum with spices and other natural flavors made from the finest Polynesian sugar cane, mellow spices and pure, untouched water to produce a full-bodied, yet smooth premium rum specialty.  SEVEN TIKI is crafted and aged in honor of brave Polynesian travelers who navigated the South Pacific guided on their voyages by seven Tikis carved at the helm of their canoes.  For additional information about SEVEN TIKI visit <> .