Jamie Mitchell 8-Time World Paddleboarding Champion

When it comes to water sports, few dominate with class and distinction like Jamie Mitchell. From Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboarding to Big Wave Surfing, the 32 year old Aussie dominates with intense passion, performance and precision, and this weekend was no exception. Considered to be the world championship event for paddleboarding, the 13th annual Molokai to O’ahu paddleboard race held Sunday, July 26 offered Mitchell the opportunity to lay claim once again to the championship title.

The 32-mile course from Kaluako’i Beach, Molokai to Maunalua Bay, O’ahu, proved to be one of endurance and strength with 25-knot winds and 6-foot seas in the channel, testing both body and mind. Not one to take a challenge lightly, 7-time defending champion, Jamie Mitchell, wearing HARD KORE Tobacco G12, claimed his eighth consecutive win with a time of 4 hours, 58 minutes, 25 seconds. The conditions were great for the first 2 hours where it seemed as though records may be broken. But not long after, the conditions got rough with waves coming from every direction. Battling strong currents through the treacherous Kaiwi Channel, the paddlers faced one of the tougher events in years. “The first part of the race was pretty good, but that last bit was tough, probably the toughest in the last three or four years,” said Mitchell.

Jamie Mitchell was accompanied in success by Kaenon Polarized paddler Guy Pere who finished 2nd in the Stand Up Paddle solo division and Kai Bartlett and his partner who competed and won the team challenge in the Stand Up Paddle division.

Whether it’s skill, natural ability or years of dedication, one thing is common – these competitors know the importance of having the proper gear, including the necessity for quality performance eyewear, selecting Kaenon Polarized’s SR-91® lens technology as part of their battle armor. Protecting their eyes from the harmful effects of wind, salt water, sun and glare, not only keeps them performing their best, but the benefits of Kaenon’s patented polarized lens gives them an advantage with enhanced depth perception, and the ability to read more details on the surface texture of the water (wind, waves).
“There were a lot of blood shot, red eyes at the end of the event, but my eyes were fine and felt great.”
-Jamie Mitchell after the 13th annual Molokai to O’ahu paddleboard race.

Jamie wears Hard Kore / Tobacco frame / G12 lens while racing.

JAMIE MITCHELL relies on HARD KORE when he’s in the water and GAUGE out and about. During the toughest tidal conditions in years, Mitchell didn’t break his record set in 2007, but he did maintain his domination in the sport , finishing more than 20 minutes ahead of the next-closest competitor.
“Hard Kore’s represent exactly what they say they do, and save my eyes year in year out whether I’m paddling the Molokai Channel or cruising down the creek with my girlfriend on the SUP. They are the best, nothing comes close…” – Jamie Mitchell

GUY PERE, is no stranger to the Kaiwi Channel either, with over 50 crossings and counting he is a man who knows performance when he sees it. Guy likes HARD KORE when he’s on the ocean paddling, KORE when he’s riding trails on his dirt bike, and he especially likes the look of JETTY for cruising into Haleiwa for lunch. Much like his pastimes of interest, Guy mixes it up with his quiver of Kaenon frames, but one thing always remains the same – the SR-91 G12 lens which gives him ultimate visual performance.

At age 16, TALIA GANGINI is an accomplished athlete from Maui, Hawaii. After catching a ride on her dad’s surfboard at 15 months old, she has excelled at every water sport she’s tried. Her 'Results’ are extensive, which includes 1st in the 32 mile Molokai Channel Paddleboard Race as a Women’s Team with Lauren Bartlett. TALIA wears GEORGIA.

TIARE LAWRENCE, who has been surfing for 18 years, was voted Waterwoman of the Year on Maui when she was just 16. Passionate about paddling, diving, fishing, canoe-surfing and just about any water sport there is, Tiare chooses EDEN to complement her sunglass style and keep her performing her best.

THIBERT LUSSIAA, 31, a member of Kai ‘Opua on the Big Island, wears HARD KORE to paddle in events all over the world. Last fall he competed in the Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point, California where he finished 2nd in the Pro Division. He has also finished 1st in Rhino Coastal Relay, 1st in the Pohoiki Challenge and 1st in the O’Shaughnessy’s Puna Challenge just to name a few events that he has won.

Glare causes fatigue, discomfort, eye strain and reduces visibility, often times with enough intensity to block vision. Glare 86®, Kaenon’s exclusive and proprietary polarizing element, reduces glare up to 99.9%. An incredible 30 microns thin, thinner than a human hair, the Glare 86 polarizing element packs a lot of technology. This polarizing element blocks harmful and distorting glare, controls the lens color (tint) and the amount of light that can pass through the lens (LTLTM). Fully encapsulated within our SR-91 lens material, our Glare 86 polarizing element won’t rub off or delaminate.

Our Gray 12 and Copper 12 lenses are worn by most paddlers as they are our darkest lens options, allowing 12% of available light to pass through and blocking maximum glare.