Josh Mulcoy Launches Mulcoy Travel

“I have been traveling the world as a surfer for more than 20 years now, and I sure have learned the hard way about how to make a good trip happen…”

Many people probably know Josh first as a professional surfer, and second from booking a trip to Salina Cruz. Although no one can claim to be perfect at what they do, its definitely fair to say that Josh works hard to ensure that his clients have a great trip down to Mexico.

“Working with the Las Palmeras clients has been fun, I made a ton of new friends and it feels good when someone calls you telling you how great their trip was.” Says Josh. Through working as a travel agent for Las Palmeras Surf Camp over the last two years, Josh is beginning build relationships with new places around the world, and has started his own travel agency, Mulcoy Travel.

“We are going to start out small for the time being” says Josh, “but the idea is to have connections in places that I have experience traveling to, and have enjoyed and scored good waves.”

Our first and foremost location right now is Las Palmeras Surf Camp. So far we have had an incredible start to 2012, with almost constant swell since the end of March. Late April and early May are already lining up with back to back swells, and the sand is incredible right now according to David. Check Las Palmeras Surf Camp’s section on

The next location that we are working with is Playa Negra, Costa Rica. Josh’s old friend Tony Roberts of photography fame has started a camp down in Playa Negra which is based around the central wave in town, but specializes in getting the client into uncrowded waves.

Playa Negra is holding, and Costa Rica has lost a lot of the attention it once had to other places like Mexico and Nicaragua, and ironically says Tony, “It seems less crowded now than 5 years ago, and we are finding new spots after surfing in this area for more than 15 years…” Take a look here to get more information on Playa Negra.

Our final location for the now is Kandui Villas® in the Mentawai Island chain. Not much needed to be said about the quality of surf in the Mentawais, but we will say that Kandui Villas is a high end land camp/resort situated right in “The Playground” of Kandui. Take a look here to learn more about Kandui Villas.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far into the email, and if you have a minute, take a look at the new site and like us on Facebook!

Thank you
Josh Mulcoy