Katin USA Proudly Announces Surfing Aerialist Ryan Carlson to the Family

Surf City USA resident Ryan Carlson is known for his huge innovative airs and unique style.
Surfing magazine deemed Ryan as one of this years most underrated surfers in the world.
He earned worldwide respect when he stuck a 540 rode flip for the first time ever in a contest.
He grew up surfing the west coast as well as traveling the globe and living on the east coast for a few years.
Ryan spends his life dedicated to his family and surfing.
The family atmosphere is what the father of two (soon to be 3) appreciates about Katin.

“I´m stoked to be on Katin, they are the family that actually does something for surfing. Its a good step for my surfing, it will helpmy career working with a company that has such a strong surf history.”

Katin Team Manager Joe Foster is equally excited about the addition of Ryan Carlson, “Having one of the best aerialists in the world is so great, Ryan Carlson is a guy, who´s committed his life to pushing the limits of aerial surfing. It´s a plus multiplied by infinity.”

For more information on Ryan Carlson and Katin USA visit and or contact the following:
Website: www.katinusa.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KatinUSA
Joe Foster / Team Manager