King of the Groms Round 2

Vote now for Round 2 of the KOTG videos

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 6.07.46 PMIt's about that time. The 2015 King Of The Groms round two clips are locked; the only thing left is for
you to decide who'll be in the final 10.

Head to and watch the best under-18 surfing in the world; then, vote for your favorite. Seven groms will advance thanks to your (important) public vote. Super judges Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson and Jeremy Flores will also pick a fave, moving one from each through to top 10 glory.  

Don't sleep on this one – the final round is going to be a real show stopper and you'll want to see the A-team lighting it up.

Voting closes midnight, September 30. Go get busy.