Kustom Airstrike: $50,000 for One Crazy Air

IRVINE, CA Noveber 2nd 2009: Kustom Airstrike, the global search to identify and rain cash on the surfer who commits to the craziest aerial manoeuvre, is back on for 2010.

Kustom Footwear is again throwing down $50,000 USD cash to the surfer who lands the best and most innovative air through the 243-day competition window.

The Airstrike opens on January 1ST 2010 and runs through to August 31ST 2010, The worldwide event provides the opportunity to bank surfing’s richest single-manoeuvre event.

“It’s on again and this time we expect everyone to go nuts,” said Mike Makos, Marketing Manager of Kustom footwear.

“Last year the event was won by the Hawaiian teenage prodigy Dusty Payne, who overcame entries from many of the world’s greatest aerial surfers, including Jay Davies, Mitch Colborn, Ry Craike, Clay Marzo and Chris “Chippa Wilson, to claim the winner-take-all US$50,000 prize.

“Kustom is again laying down $5,000 USD to the filmer who catches the winning move, with last year’s winning filmer, Matt Shuster, ultimately having two entries in the final six.

“Matt’s clip of Dusty came pretty late in the event window. He had previously sent us Mitch’s rodeo flip, so we knew Dusty’s clip was likely to be real good. We popped it open, viewed the clip, and wrote Dusty a check for $50,000 USD.

“Kustom’s mission with the Airstrike remains to produce surfing that is so inspired and revolutionary that it breaks all the rules, ultimately changing the face of surfing as we know it.”

The Kustom Airstrike concept has won support from some of the world’s best surfers, including three-time world champion Andy Irons and 2009 world title contender Joel Parkinson, both Kustom team riders.

“Aerial surfing is challenging the boundaries of surfing and we’ve seen it really come to the forefront on the WCT this year,” said Joel.

“There is so much happening above the wave so the Airstrike is an incredible opportunity for anyone, from professionals through to the ripper at the local beach, to be rewarded for showing the world what is possible in the surf.”

Andy Irons said the Kustom Airstrike effectively opened up every beach around the world as a contest venue.

“Last year the best rides were from a who’s who of recognised aerial surfers but with all the hype around Dusty’s win, and the money out on the table, I wouldn’t be surprised if this year the winning entry comes from some relatively unknown surfer.” Stated Irons

“So there’s a challenge. Let’s find those amateurs from the local beach break and see them bring down the big names of aerial surfing.”

Entries from the Kustom Airstrike will be displayed at mission control when the event kicks off in January on www.kustomairstrike.com

Stay tuned for more information as we enter the countdown to the start of the 2010 Kustom Airstrike.
For more information on Kustom got to kustomfootwear.com.