Lay Day for Yop Reunion Surf Pro Junior

Photo: Courtesy of ASP

TROIS BASSINS, Reunion Island (Wednesday, April 13, 2011) - A new swell in the ten-foot (three-meter) range has hit Reunion Island and Trois-Bassins today, forcing event officials to call the event off for the day. With the main venue of Trois-Bassins not allowing any surf and some promising conditions for the remainder of the waiting period, both women and men will meet again tomorrow Thursday, April 14, 2011.

"It's got too big over night and Trois-Bassins cannot be surfed in these conditions," Yop Reunion Surf Pro Junior event director Christophe Mulquin said. "We'll get everyone on site tomorrow morning and assess conditions. There will be some waves in the next few days and we are looking forward to wrapping-up the inaugural edition in good waves."

With top seeds in control of proceedings since the event kick-off in both women and men divisions, and some solid progressive surfing displayed, the 2011 Yop Reunion Surf Pro Junior presented by Hollywood in association with Rexona, Femme Magazine and Orange will be back in motion tomorrow and moving towards its business end.

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Heat 1: Joanne Defay (REU) Vs Joanna Giansanti (FRA)
Heat 2: Loiola Canales (EUK) Vs Garazi Sanchez (EUK)
Heat 3: Canelle Bulard (REU) Vs Maria Abecasis (PRT)
Heat 4: Maud Lecar (REU) Vs Justine Dupont (FRA)

Heat 1 : PV Laborde (FRA), Jules Thomet (REU), Dimitri Ouvre (BRB), Ugo Robin (REU)
Heat 2 : Vasco Ribeiro (PRT), Ramzi Boukiam (MAR), Kieran Bulard (REU), Hugo Dubosc (REU)
Heat 3 : Medi Veminardi (REU), Tristan Guilbaud (FRA), Frederico Morais (PRT), Martin Jannier (REU)
Heat 4 : Maxime Huscenot (REU), Tom Cloarec (FRA), William Aliotti (FRA), Fransisco Alves (PRT)