FRIDAY NOV 16th – Dragon Alliance presents fresh installations of new artworks by SCHOPH (uk) TAYLOR REEVE (la) and MR.DVICE (sd). Hosted by Skullcandy, Converse and Ryhthm LIvin. Hosted Peligroso tequila bar, Djs, giveaways and Loose Behavior. Be warned we are going to come unglued.

Artist Schoph is a man of few words. Originally from Yorkshire in the North of England , Currently residing where ever he lays his hat or in this case living out of a bag in his studio ,traveling and showing his Art at successful group and colab shows from the Uk ,through Europe and the US.

Moving away to the French Alps pursuing a successful snowboard career for the past 10 years ,founder and co owner of the infamous Dalikfodda Deathpunk Movement ,Schoph also finds time to have a hobby featuring in big screen movies such as Sherlock Holmes 2 , DarkShadows and SnowWhite and the Huntsman .All this taken onboard he most recently is going back to his routes and his first love in Art .

His Abstract,Surrealist work is manipulated by an array of mixed media from collage and charcoal to Acrylic and Oils ,from Bitchumen to Spray, and to finish Resin or Varnish. Forming what the audience views on canvas .Delivering a perspective that is not only personal but also has a tendancy to break the norm of composition that we see in everyday life or expect to see. In his own words “Breaking the image and finding a solution to reveal the finished piece”.

Successfully exhibiting worldwide an international selling Artist ,working alongside and affiliated with his sponsors that suport him DragonAlliance, RhythmLivinEurope and Dalikfodda

MR.DVICE aka Dave Weidetz comes from San Diego, CA and was raised on Skateboarding, Punk Rock, Graffiti and Mad Magazines. His signature style of artworks tell a story of chaos. Inspired by his wasted youth immersed in Southern California culture and experiences with nomadic travels around the world, the lines, textures, and creatures that he is constantly producing are drawn from pure emotion of life.

Every piece is a story within. Most wont know the true meanings behind the madness within his artworks but his loose style lets your eyes wander and let you draw your own conclusions freely.

"My artwork keeps me sane. It is the only place in my life where there are no rules. I can create worlds that don’t exist. I can bring charac- ters to life any way I want. No compromise. No one to tell me no. My work is soaked with insomnia, cartoons, wine and weed. Its my distorted view of the world around me with a psychedelic twist."

I paint scenes of chaos and confusion. I paint scenes of pure emotion. I paint creatures called Goons. They are creatures of the night. They are rotten pranksters, mischievous little rodents, the wasted youth. They tell a tale of a world where anything goes. Much like many of my experiences dealing with all my own vices in life like drugs, temptation, lust, and loathing. With the Goons i can live out my every fantasy within without consequence. It is my escape.

With support from Dragon Alliance, the new MR DVICE artist signature series product line drops Spring 2013 as well as upcoming shows in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Fransisco and New York.

facebook/mr.dvice insta@mrdvice

Putting her vibrant, stylized twist on just about everything in her path has made Taylor Reeve's artwork pervasive in the youth culture movement of Southern California where she was born and continues to reside. Drawing on a wide array of influences like street and pop art to tattoo and kustom kulture, Taylor has developed a unique style that solely marks her work as an artist.

Taylor currently is about to debut her own line of women’s high heel shoes, under the name TaylorSays. Taylor Says presents a line of one-of-a-kind heels imprinted with eye-catching art on the soles of its beautifully crafted shoes.

Designs on these statement platform stilettos are inspired by bright colors, vivid dreams and the desire to live and take in each moment. facbook/taylorsays insta@talyorsays