SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., (July 2013) – …LOST SURFBOARD CO. celebrates victory in the aftermath of a very successful 2013 U.S. Open of Surfing, the largest surfing event in the world. The company’s surfboards carried team rider, and San Clemente native, Kolohe Andino and Brazilian Alejo Muniz into the men’s final of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Prime event, where Alejo emerged with a 16.23 to 14.54 heat win and the U.S. Open of Surfing men’s title.

On the lady’s side of the …LOST roster, current ASP World Women’s Tour Leader Carissa Moore, from Hawaii, aimed her Mayhem toward a second U.S. Open women's championship victory (her first was in 2010.)

"Well, I must admit that when we ended-up with both competitors of the men's final on Mayhems, I was rooting for Kolohe,” said Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, …LOST co-founder, himself from San Clemente. “That said, when the judges awarded Alejo the victory, it was of course rewarding, but also the most bitter-sweet win of my shaping career. Thanks and my congrats to Alejo and huge proud props to my main man Kolohe Andino for stepping-up on the biggest stage in surfing and showing the world the future of the sport."

Biolos continued: "I am so elated and proud of Carissa. We set out to win the title back this year and things have been going as close to as planned as could be expected. To be here on the beach while she wins the event and regains the ratings lead was special”

Muniz was on a new prototype 5'10″ V2 Shortboard, which will be released soon at Andino, the only American to go beyond the men's quarterfinals, was riding a 5'10″ EPS/Epoxy SubDriver. Moore rode a 5'8″ Sub Scorcher-2 squashtail.

…LOST began in 1985 when Matt Biolos and a bunch of school friends were into snowboarding at Mt. Baldy, skateboarding at the Pipeline in Upland, and surfing in Dana Point. They were “team lost”. Thus the name …LOST scribbled on books, t-shirts, benches, tables and eventually clothing. Matt’s friends had been telling him for years to put the word Lost and his art on tees and try to sell them. By 1992, Matt began putting his art on T-Shirts with a …LOST logo. His roommate Mike Reola, a recent business school graduate, helped him handle the business side of things and they both worked on developing a plan to slowly grow and market the company with little or no money. Matt Biolos and Mike Reola, while running the company with partner Joel Cooper, continue to oversee every aspect of the business. …LOST is one of the last privately owned and controlled surf and skate brands. Visit www.lostenterprises.comfor more info.