South Sumatra – A brand-new surf resort in South Sumatra has opened its doors, and it has some amazing opening specials and some quite incredible waves in the neighbourhood.

Mandiri Break Surf Resort – situated on the beach at Mandiri, offers one of the best beachbreaks in Indonesia, with perfect A-frame barrels the norm, meters away from the accommodation. The wave is a fairly serious beachbreak however, and surfers need to be competent to be able to handle some big drops and fast barrels, with broken boards commonplace.It is a compacted sand bottom with consistent sand-bars and a few hundred meters of peaks to choose from – something for everyone.

The wave remains relatively uncrowded, with more surf options available should the conditions be suitable. The most well-known surf spot is Way Jambu (Sumatran Pipeline) and it is a mere 30 minutes away.There are plenty of other options in the vicinity, and there is generally an option for all surfing levels. Mandiri has a resident surf guide who is dialed in to all the waves and conditions, and will guarantee that the best waves on the day are always hunted down.

The Sumatran Pipe

The resort is privately owned, and run by Azra, an Australian ex-pat who also doubles as the resort chef. He is a gastronomic whiz, with high level catering experience.

His menu contains such gems as Pepes – chicken cooked in banana leaf with spices, a sashimi selection with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce, Japanese fusion rolls, Tenggiri sambal mantah- marinated fried fresh fish with sambal mantah, and Japanese calamari with Bonito flakes and sweet kewpie. There are also a few standards like the Aussie Beef Burger and the good old Aussie Meat Pie.

The resort has 5 rooms, with a total occupancy of 21. All are air-conditioned for your comfort. On offer is a choice of dormitory-style bunk beds or double rooms, all feature their own bathroom, free wi-fi, toiletries and 24/7 security.

Other resort facilities include a common room with a pool table and TV, plus a sunset deck area where you can join us for a cold beer – we have stabilized power and commercial refrigeration, so the beer stays real cold! Come down, have one of those cold beers, and watch the amazing sunsets.

For more on the waves and conditions, check out the Magic Seaweed surf forecast here

Here are a few of our opening specials

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