Malibu Surfing Association To Honor Kivlin and Patagonia Founder Chouinard

Malibu, California. September 2, 2009 — On September 12 and 13, 2009, California’s most prestigious club-level surfing contest, Malibu Surfing Association’s MSA Classic, returns to world-famous Surfrider Beach. More than 300 athletes representing surfing clubs from California, Hawaii, the East Coast, and Australia will compete in the perfect waves of First Point, Malibu.

A highlight of the weekend will be MSA members, contest competitors, and friends coming together to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of shaping/surfing legend Matt Kivlin and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.

The MSA Surfer Award is presented to a surfer who has made contributions to the sport and to surfing at Malibu. The Surfer Award is meant to acknowledge great surfing: whether at First Point, Third Point, or places in between and is MSA’s highest honor for surfing.

The 2009 MSA Surfer Award is presented to Matt Kivlin, shaping pioneer and surfing stylist. Through a number of important designs developed on the beaches and in the water at Malibu following WWII, Matt forged a critical link in the surfboard’s evolution and help set the stage for what became, at that time, the modern surfboard.

Equal to his contributions to board building Matt was also one of Malibu’s elite surfers. “Matt Kivlin’s Californian and Hawaiian peers respected him as the best California surfer of the postwar 1940s into the 1950s,” said Steve Pezman, publisher of The Surfer’s Journal. “Many point to him as the originator of the classical California point style: riding small, perfectly peeling waves with knees and ankles together and slightly flexed, torso upright, arms gracefully spread low and balanced, slotted deep, in perfect trim and control.”

In conjunction with the 2009 Surfer Award, MSA will host an exhibit of rare 1940s and 1950s-era surfboards and a special, limited-ticket raffle of new surfboards.

The 2009 Surfer Award is co-presented with the Surfing Heritage Foundation. Previous recipients of the MSA Surfer Award include Allen Sarlo (2007) and Lance Carson (2008).

The Blue Award is presented to an individual, group, or company who have made contributions to the protection of oceans, waves, or beaches. The Blue Award is MSA’s highest honor for volunteerism and activism.

The 2009 MSA Blue Award is presented to Mr. Yvon Chouinard — surfer, aplinist, environmentalist, author, and founder of Patagonia. His support of strong beach protections, raising awareness over the loss of waves (cf. Stanley’s Reef), and importantly, the relationship between business and environment have become examples for living an engaged, responsible life.

The inaugural recipient of the MSA Blue Award was surfer and Eco-Warrior co-founder James Pribram (2008).

About The MSA Classic
The Malibu Surfing Association’s MSA Classic invitational contest is the premier competition in the Coalition of Surfing Clubs annual series and will be held September 12-13, 2009. More than 300 athletes representing elite surfing clubs from California, Hawaii, the East Coast, and Australia will come together to compete at First Point, Malibu, one of surfing’s legendary waves. The MSA held its first contest at Malibu in 1963 and has been hosting the MSA Classic continuously since 1987. Attending the event is free and open to the public. Major support for the 2009 MSA Classic is provided by Global Surf Industries. Online at

About Malibu Surfing Association
Formed in 1961, the Malibu Surfing Association (MSA) is one of California’s first surfing clubs. MSA is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the fellowship of surfing and to the stewardship of its local break, world-famous Surfrider Beach. The MSA Competition Team is the 2006 champion of the Coalition of Surfing Clubs’ CSC Series. Online at