Turtle Bay, Hawaii (November 28, 2011) As a venue for the North Shore and surfing world, Surfer, The Bar, located at Turtle Bay Resort, is pleased to announce that renowned big-wave hellmen Mark Healey will be participating as a speaker for their upcoming Talk Story Series.

On the night of November 30, Healey, who hails from the North Shore, will take center stage at Surfer, The Bar. Healey, whose name alone conjures up legendary images of him free-falling at Waimea, Maverick's, Pipe and freediving with tiger sharks, has become one of Hawaii's most esteemed big-wave surfers and watermen. If you've ever wanted to know how the mind of one of surfing's most hard-charging individuals works, this is the perfect opportunity.

Having opened its doors to the surfing masses this November, Surfer, The Bar, is more than a bar, melding the rich history of SURFER Magazine with the deep-seeded roots of the North Shore amid a rich multi-media-driven experience. With performances by Jack Johnson, John & Ernie Cruz, The Green and Talk Story events with Clyde Aikau and Fred Hemmings over the first couple weeks, Surfer, The Bar has become the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a beer, pupu, and talk story with local legends.

Upcoming Events at Surfer, The Bar:

Dec. 2-4: The North Shore Surf Film Festival (featuring performances by Donovan Frankenreiter, Band of Consequences with Dave Rastovich and John Cruz)

Dec. 5: Matt Costa in Concert

Dec. 7: Talk Story featuring Steve Sherman's Tribute to Kelly Slater

Dec. 14: Talk Story featuring Simon Anderson

Dec. 21: Talk Story featuring photographer Peter "Joli" Wilson

For more information please go to SurferTheBar.com

About Turtle Bay and Surfer, The Bar:

Surfer, The Bar is located at Turtle Bay Resort and is situated amid some the most iconic and esteemed surfing haunts in the world. With an array of peaks for an even wider swatch of surfers, from a playful session at Chuns to a mettle-testing afternoon at Sunset Beach, from Turtle Bay Resort you can comfortably enjoy the natural wealth of the North Shore. Complete with the finest accommodations to accompany the entire family, Turtle Bay Resort not only caters to the surfer of the group, but mom, daughter, and son as well. At Turtle Bay Resort, there truly is something for everyone. To stay up to date on the Turtle Bay surfing experience, find out what's happening at Surfer, The Bar, or make your reservations for a surf trip you'll never forget, check out TurtleBaySurf.com.