Matix Monthly August Edition

August is shaping up to be a Super Spectacular month filled with Spectacular Adventures featuring Gabe Kling, Brian Toth and Zander Morton. Learn about their Spectacularness and how you too can become Spectacular in the rest of the Matix Monthly!

Spectacular Adventures is the second movie by twenty five year old East Coast movie maker Jerry Ricciotti and was shot over the last two years in the Caribbean, Central America, Pacific Islands, Galapagos, Europe, East Coast and Israel and features Matix team riders Gabe Kling, Zander Morton and Brian Toth!

Matix: Give us some insight on your Spectacular movie.

JR: It’s a location-based movie as opposed to be being a rider section based movie with exterior shots and lifestyle vignette’s. We tried to emphasize what it was like at each location we went to. The core nucleus of guys traveled on multiple trips and will be scene throughout the movie at various location’s.

Matix: How did the title come about?

JR: It’s a bit of a long story as it just sort of evolved but basically my buddy sprayed painted “Spectacular Adventures” on the side of a skate ramp and it stuck with me. I went on a trip to Bali and we started a blog, Super Spectacular Adventures, to fill people in on what we were doing and then on another trip aboard Zander’s boat the crew talked me into making the movie cause I was sitting on so much footage and that’s when the project was born.

Matix: What kind of music can we expect?

JR: It’s a diverse soundtrack. There are a couple synthy-pop songs. Not really punk but garagey sound. A few slow songs like the France section is pretty European gypsy sounding, a few DJ beats and almost a country song in there. Awesome New Republic and Future Islands are two of the bands on the soundtrack.

Matix: When will it be available?

JR: It will be in stores August 18th but right now we are touring the East Coast all of August if people want to come out and see it with us. (Check flyer below for tour dates). Look for a few West Coast showings in September as well.

Once again Matix is proud to be a sponsor of the The 3rd Annual Malibu Invitational at the legendary 1st point Malibu, California on August 29-30th, 2009. The contest is mainly a fun raiser to benefit young Point Dume Surfer Lyon Herron beat his fight with Gardner’s Syndrome. Lyon was first diagnosed with Gardner’s Syndrome when he was 6 years young and has been fighting this disease for the past 13 years. Lyon is a Viking, has a heart of Gold, and is always smiling happy! He loves the ocean, he loves to surf and skate, and he truly loves his life. Lyon has shown everyone strength and inspiration, and more importantly reminded everyone whom he has touched to appreciate every minute of everyday. We love you Lyon!
Congratulations to Ronnie Nemchock from Laguna Niguel, California who won the July Matix Monthly contest. Ronnie will be receiving a pair of Gabe Kling Ventathor Kling-2 signature trunks and a Matix/Pro-Lite traction pad.

This month we are giving away a Spectacular Adventures package featuring a DVD copy of the movie and a Spectacular T-Shirt. Make sure you are signed up and tell a friend so you have a chance to win one of our prize packs each and every month here at
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