Mike Losness, a California raised surfer and known as the “hardest working surfer” for his continued success with getting his surfing imagery into many of the surf publications as well as many prestigious surf videos; Mike Losness has just signed a deal with Adina Holistics, a new beverage company that is hitting the action sports market.

Adina Holistics is the future, providing consumers with a better for you beverage option rooted in the 5,000 year-old holistic science cal led Ayurveda…it’s time tested herbal recipes are found in every bottle.

Their “Drink no Evil” slogan is exactly what Mike was looking for from a drink sponsor. A heal thy alternative to the ever popular energy dr ink craze. Adina is all organic with no high fructose corn syrup and still tastes amazing.

Mike had this to say about joining forces with Adina Holistics ” I’m excited to be representing a brand with good intent ions and a great product . It’s always a good thing to fuel your body with something that tastes and makes you feel great , so join the Adina community at

Mike’s sponsors include: Reef apparel and footwear, bodyglove wetsuits, Adina