Musubi Map takes you on a Hawaiian tour around San Diego

La Jolla, California – Neens Marketing launches a new Map set to make waves throughout the Hawaii-lovers community. Founder of Neens Marketing, Nino Camilo, is proud to announce the distribution of the Musubi Map, Summer 2009 Edition. “It’s a map of all things 'Hawaiian’ in San Diego,” says Camilo. “Whether it be finding poi, a plate lunch restaurant, Locals brand slippers, or even an ukulele, Hawaii-lovers want to know where they can get the best!”

Born and raised in San Diego, from a family of Hawaii-lovers, Camilo often helps out at his family’s island shop in Pacific Beach called, “Motu Hawaii”. Through his interactions with customers and visitors from Hawaii in search of the best Hawaiian dishes & places, Camilo came up with the idea of creating a map of Hawaii in San Diego to help his community of Hawaiians stay connected.

The San Diego Musubi Map will be printed every three months, and contains new coupons and killer deals to restaurants and shops around the county. It is currently distributed from Imperial Beach to as far North as Oceanside and is FREE for the general public. Complimenting the map is, a content driven website with blog contributions from San Diego, Hawaii, and eventually overseas bloggers. Neens Marketing started the blog to drive traffic and bring awareness to the Musubi Map. It has now populated and become the go-to site for island-themed events all over San Diego. Whether it is a new island-themed drink at a local store or a new island product from Hinano Clothing, Camilo has a team of trusted friends continually on the lookout for what’s new in town.

Their next project? “We’re already in the works for Musubi Map in OC (Orange County) and LA (Los Angeles)!” says Camilo with a smile.
Check out for daily updates and pick up a Musubi Map at one of their many listed locations!
About Neens Marketing
Founded in 2005 by Nino Camilo; a small guy with big dreams, who took a big step of faith and moved his office from a corporate building to the beach. Combining his passion for surfing & food, Camilo immediately found and developed a market niche for small businesses in the action sports & catering industries where he used his skills as a marketing guru to help develop growing brands. These include Crush Sunglasses, Kreed Sunglasses, 21-13 Surfboards, Truth Soul Armor, King’s Paddle Sports and Chef Isabel Cruz. What makes Neens Marketing so successful? Camilo loves to hire his friends and family who are passionate about what he does, and in return, will help them pay their bills.