While Nate Yeomans is an accomplished pro surfer who's cracked the elite ranks of the ASP World Tour, in truth, defeating the world's best surfers is just one of many hobbies he's taken up over the years. For Yeomans, surfing–at its core–is more a lifestyle than a sport. And he'd be the first to tell you it's the best lifestyle there is.

Of course, the endless pursuit of perfect waves lures surfers like Nate to the far reaches of the planet, and these adventures are fraught with setbacks, sidetracks, and risks. But those who've mastered the art of the journey have a heightened sense of awareness, allowing them to stay cool when it counts, and make the most of every situation. These are the chameleons, blending in masterfully wherever life takes them, making the most interesting men in the world.

Now thanks to Dos Equis and their Most Interesting Academy, the wisdom of athletes, artisans, and all-around cool guys is widely available for the rest of us to explore. It's a place where essential life skills—honed by generations of fascinating gentlemen—are being collected, curated, and imparted for consumption. This includes Nate's latest survival tips for traveling, which you can watch here.

Of course, if you'd like to absorb more essential wisdom, head over to what is fast becoming the world's leading school of cool: MostInterestingAcade.com