San Marcos, CA- December, 09 – Cobian proudly announces the addition of Nate Yeomans to their exclusive team.

COBIAN’S, Raz Hodgman on the addition of Nate Yeomans of San Clemente, CA. “I am really stoked to have Nate join the team. He is a natural fit for Cobian and the team. We look forward to Yeomans crushing it on the ASP as World Tour rookie!” Nate’s response on joining Cobian. “Psyching, let’s get a press release going. YEWWWWW!”

Nate will be one of the four California, USA rookies to take on the big boys of the CT in 2010.

About Cobian…

Cobian is an innovator in foot wear Comfort, quality and design. The company was founded 1997 by footwear designer John Cobian. John started the company on values, true comfort and quality. John a surfer himself has rooted the company in surf and fashion since the beginning. Blessed on the journey of the brand Cobian still holds strong to their core values.