New Fin Company Launches Screwless Fin System


Delray Beach, FL (September 2011)-Fin-S (fi-ness) is introducing a new keyless spring-loaded fin system into the surf hardgoods market. Developed by surfers and for surfers, Fin-S allows you to change your fins in seconds, making it the ultimate solution to every surfer's fin problems. "For years I've struggled with forgetting my fin key and missing countless waves while searching the beach to borrow one from a friend. With our new Fin-S system, screws and Allen wrenches are obsolete," states president and co-founder Scott Posner.

Unlike other systems on the market, the Fin-S system does not require the use of keys or screws, hence the company's slogan – "Don't Screw With Us." The Fin-S system is compatible with any type of fin material, including high performance injection-molded fins, fiberglass fins, foam-core fins, bamboo fins, and all other kinds of handmade fins. The fin boxes are made of high quality glass-filled composite, allowing for a more durable and light-weight box. The fin boxes have been refined to use the shortest possible box length to reduce interference with the board and help maintain the surfboard's natural flex pattern. Fin-S's technology improves overall performance of the surfboard and benefits the rider's experience.

Fin-S has been working closely with top board manufacturers like Lost Surfboards. About the Fin-S system, Lost’s master shaper Matt Biolos says, “The fin system market hasn’t moved forward in years. The current leaders have developed fantastic arrays of aftermarket fins, but the actual insertion systems have remained static. The Fin-S system is a step forward in tool-less insertion and removal of fins and has a smooth and tight connection. Many of our team riders and I are excited to use this new choice in removable fins.”

The simple yet meaningful concept behind Fin-S is what sets this fin system apart from all others. The Fin-S system was conceived from a desire and a need for an easy-to-use fin system that also enhances the surfboard's performance. Fin-S accomplished these objectives through years of research, development and testing on the best waves worldwide. Pros like Sunny Garcia, Joel Centeio, Ben Bourgeois, Sean Moody, Kekoa Bacalso, Peter Mendia, amongst others, have been riding the Fin-S system and have nothing but the best things to say about the product. For more information, check out or email