Donovan is a pro surfer (15 year veteran), sponsored by major brands such as Billabong, Verizon, Chrysler GM, Coors Light to name a few. Our competitors (Gibson, Taylor, Fender) have been pursuing Donovan for years to play their acoustics but he is a MARTIN MAN indeed!

He is also a talented musician having put out 7 albums to date and is currently on tour.

This is a perfect addition to our Ambassador roster and targets that “lifestyle” category I continue talking about! He lives in Hawaii and we’ll host him at the factory after his European tour this winter. Can’t wait to get the photo of Donovan riding an epic wave in Hawaii playing his Martin guitar!

Get to know Donovan and trust me, you will fall in love with him like EVERYONE else! The mustache alone is enough to make you love him!

Billabong’s “I Surf Because..” Series:


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