Nike Motel No-Tell Presents The Rock and Roll, Soul Surfin’, Hot Rod, Horror Art Show Staring Roy Gonzalez

von-doomA new generation of Lowbrow artists are coming out from behind the flame jobs and Tiki heads to enjoy unprecedented fame, including renowned surf artist, Roy Gonzalez. Nike 6.0 is showcasing a 30 year retrospect of original Gonzalez work to close out their summer series at the “Nike Motel No-Tell” in San Clemente, CA, September 5th through 20th, 2009.

For over thirty years Roy Gonzalez has been an icon in the action sports industry’s art and design circles. He has created some of the most definitive and well-known images of the surf, skate and music industries. Vivid and humorous, Gonzalez represents the best of the underground art world that inspired him as a kid growing up in Southern California.

Jumping off the page of the famed Gonzalez Monster Island series and onto the stage is the resurrection of the band Johnny Monster and the Nightmares to perform at the invitation only exhibit opening on September 5th. The Nightmares had a large Southern California following with their award winning Rock & Roll Surf shows in the before their break up in the early 90’s. Today videos of Nightmares shows are a favorite of You-Tube audiences around the world. Gonzalez has resurrected his creation in real life once again as all the original band members reunite for his Motel exhibit opening extravaganza and the following night at OC Tavern.
About Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell
The Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell in San Clemente, CA, a transformed16 room hotel is the epicenter of all things 6.0, the Motel No Tell does everything from house athletes to host events like movie premieres, product launches, art shows, and workshops. The Motel also features an onsite retail lobby stocked with 6.0’s most limited edition product.