San Clemente, California, (March 16, 2011) – Noll Surfboards is proud to announce the grand opening of its Flagship Store and will open with great celebration on Saturday, March 26th in San Clemente from 5pm – 10pm. Southern California artist Lorin Fleming will be there with some of his latest works, big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara and the legendary Greg Noll himself will be signing posters for free! The store is located at 1709 North El Camino Real, Suite B, in San Clemente.

Other amenities will include: Primo Beer, Tequila by Peligroso, wine and Mai Tais by Sunsets Bar of Capistrano Beach, live music by The Jive Ass Nobodies, and an awesome raffle featuring a Jed Noll Surfboard, an Accurate Planer, an Element Skateboard, and more!

Greg Noll is one of the great names in the surfing world and, as a lifelong student, his son Jed knows exactly why that is.

Greg Noll started making surfboards out of his family's Manhattan Beach garage way back in 1951. He went on to conquer the giant waves of Waimea Bay and establish one of the world's largest surfboard companies. Then, in the 1990s and 2000s, with his son Jed, he elevated the surfboard to the level of art.

The elder Noll accomplished this with the help of his son, Jed. Working with a variety of rare and salvage woods and other traditional materials the father-son team created a new class of surfboards, which they called "re-creations." – they faithfully re-created faithful examples of the classic surfboards of bygone eras. These surfboards proved to have enormous appeal among collectors, who saw them as works of art.

Building on this rare background, Jed Noll is about to launch a new kind of surf shop in San Clemente. The shop combines a retail surf emporium with a small but functional surfboard manufacturing facility and an ocean-oriented art gallery. This art gallery features fine art paintings and sculptures as well as an array of those classic re-creation surfboards.

The Noll Surfboards Flagship Store will embody the history and tradition of the Noll Brand, which will be reflected in the imposing array of memorabilia that will be on display.

"Our flagship Noll Surfboards store represents a larger vision," Jed says. "It's really the epicenter of our family story and our brand. It's a place where you can come in off the street and physically touch and feel all of this history and the art that's come out of it."

Jed sees this as the first of several such stores, each unique and distinctive.

"I see Noll Surfboard stores in key places around the world. My parents have been collecting artifacts and historical relics – art and print material and photos – for 60 years. We want to share this history along with the vibe of those times by creating these special places where you can soak up the feel and flavor of surfing's rich heritage. Our website is like a gateway to all of this; our shops will be the physical incarnations."

Meanwhile, check out the website: