North-Shore Shaper Matty Raynor to Make Boards in Europe

Trip features a Hawaii-to-Europe tour


Matty Raynor, North-Shore shaper, will be trading in the sunny skies and warm waters of Hawaii in favor of nippy English weather and lots of neoprene — and he couldn't be happier about it. After leaving the UK, he'll spend some time shaping, surfing, and shaking hands with local surfers and shapers in Western Europe.

"Yeah, I'm heading off to Europe to do some shaping down there, work with the local surfers and shapers, and hopefully get some waves," said a chipper Raynor prior to leaving on his journey. "This is the second time that I've been to the UK and I absolutely love it there. The waves, the history, the people…It's just an amazing place and I'm really looking forward to spending some time there. And how could you not be excited about Portugal, Spain, and France?"

While in Europe, Raynor will be cutting boards and taking orders. "Coming from Hawaii, where we have some of the most storied surf in the world, I think it's going to be a really interesting experience to see how my experience can translate into the type of surf that the UK and Europe gets,” he said. “I think it's going to be a blast."

During the UK leg of his trip, Raynor will spend time in the towns of Newquay and Cornwall, two destinations known for producing their share of surf. "In addition to shaping down there, I'm also really excited about getting some waves. I'm bringing some boards from home that I think should fit the conditions well and I'd love to share the designs with some of the locals,” he said. “I'll have a Ranga model, a Nugget, an Ascendant, and a bonzer. Because the tides can alter the conditions so much, you need boards that are really versatile and I think these models should really work with the conditions.”

From the UK, Raynor will head to Portugal, Spain, and then France from September 24 through October 6.

Anyone interested in learning more about Raynor surfboards, connecting with him in Europe, or ordering a board from the Hawaii-based shaper is encouraged to contact or follow his travels in Europe through his Instagram account at RaynorSurf.