Oahu’s Turtle Bay Resort Joins Swipe4TheKids

Resort Gives Back to North Shore

Honolulu, HI (May 28, 2013) - Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's Fabled North Shore has proudly announced that they are one of the newest companies to implement Swipe4TheKids, a program that enables a world-wide audience the chance to give back to Oahu's local youth. By participating in Swipe4TheKids, Turtle Bay Resort now provides customers both visiting and local, the ability to participate in the solution in funding the enrichment of Oahu's youth programs.

Swipe4TheKids seeks to fill the funding gap in community youth enrichment activities that might otherwise be at risk of cutbacks or dissolution. In today's turbulent economic climate, these programs are often the first to be cut when tightening financial belts. By receiving portions of the merchant services fee collected from participating businesses, Swipe4TheKids provides funding to vital programs in those businesses' communities. Without costing the consumer orbusiness any extra money, everyone can become a part of the solution.

Skip Taylor, Turtle Bay Resort's Experience Creator was initially introduced to the Swipe4TheKids program by local surfers Flynn Novak, Justin Lambert and Paul Chambers. The trio, run one of the fastest growing, North Shore-based lifestyle and clothing company CHANCE'EM and are Swipe4TheKids brand ambassadors on the North Shore. "Considering I had an established working relationship with CHANCE'EM and they have had a reputable history of fundraising that support kids surf programs, their enthusiasm towards Swipe4TheKids convinced me to take a look." stated Taylor. "To add the sustainability factor of Swipe4TheKids to the future efforts of our Turtle Bay Foundation is significant, but as a local establishment, to know that every credit card transaction in our retail stores generate funding to support local youth programming is very important to show the community that we really do care".

Turtle Bay Resort's participation in the program is going to immediately help Wailua's High School surf program on Oahu. While surfing may seem a given to the Hawaiian culture, almost 19,000 youngsters live within modest means as low-income families. While trying to make ends meet, they don't have the opportunities like others. Wailua's High School surf program provides these children with the chance they previously may have never had. Randiann Porras-Tang, the schools principal said, “We’re ecstatic to hear about Swipe4TheKids and Turtle Bay’s efforts to help our surf team! With more and more budget cuts happening everyday, it’s so great to know that they’ve found a way for the community to come together and support our children and surfing”. Justin Lambert, CHANCE’EM founder, who originally lead the campaign to create the Waialua High School Surf Team in 2011 states, “Swipe4TheKids is such an awesome program and CHANCE’EM is behind it 100%. It’s really reassuring to know that other businesses are willing to help us with our mission to support surfing in our community and eventually make surfing a state-wide sport in all public schools throughout Hawaii.” “Our kids really love being a part of the team and we’re all so happy we don’t have to worry anymore about where the funding is coming from”. Adds Coach Carrie Yossa. Current North Shore participants in Swipe4TheKids movement include Turtle Bay's newest retail outlets: The North Shore WaterShed and Oakley at Turtle Bay. In addition CHANCE'EM, Pupukea Grill and several other North Shore based businesses are boarding to expand the efforts of The Turtle Bay Foundation in relation to youth enrichment throughout the island. Hawaii-based businesses are encouraged to contact us to find out how – at no cost – Swipe4TheKids can provide funding for youth enrichment on Oahu: Receive a no cost-analysis of your Merchant Service Account and Swipe4theKids will match or beat a retailers current situation before inviting them to be a part of the program.