Oakley Indonesia Announces 6-Star Oakley Pro 2009 Surfing Event at Canggu Beach in August

Oakley Team Rider Dewa Ardika blasting the lip off a tasty Canggu wave (Photo by Tim Hain)

Oakley Team Rider Dewa Ardika blasting the lip off a tasty Canggu wave (Photo by Tim Hain)

4 August 2009, Kuta-Bali: As an industry leader in the extreme sports market, Oakley Indonesia is pleased to announce the dates and the venue for its annual 6-star surfing competition in Bali, the Oakley Pro 2009.

The Oakley Pro 2009 is a 6 star Indonesian Surfing Championship event that will be held at Canggu Beach during the 15-30th of August, offering a total prize purse of nearly Rp 50 million ($5,000 USD) spread over two divisions, Open and Master’s. With Rp 10 million ($1,000 USD) going to the winner of the Open Division and the contestants in each division gaining valuable championship points, the level of competition as well as the excitement factor will be going off the scale.

And setting a new precedent in the realm of grassroots surfing support, Oakley is taking this opportunity to launch a new program called the Oakley Unearthed Initiative. This new program is focused on encouraging and rewarding Indonesia’s talented young surfers by giving the highest placing unsponsored surfer in the Oakley Pro 2009 Open Division a one-year Oakley product sponsorship!

This is the fifth year that Oakley has been supporting the ISC and the growth of surfing in Indonesia, having held four ISC-sanctioned competitions in Bali since 2005, two at Bingin and two at Kuta Beach. This year Oakley has chosen the wave rich playground of Canggu as the venue for the Oakley Pro 2009.

Known as one of the most high performance waves in Bali, Canggu was an obvious choice when considering Oakley’s desire to raise the bar and create the best forum possible in which the Indonesian surfers will compete. Great waves make for great surfing, so creating the optimal conditions for both the surfers and spectators alike is critical. The waves of Canggu fit this criteria, allowing the surfers the opportunity to pull out every stop and go big with everything from big bottom turns, carves and hacks, to aerials tricks and barrel rides. And with the implementation of the 15 day waiting period this year, the Oakley Pro 2009 is assured of producing some memorable surfing, stoked surfers, and happy fans.