Ocean Minded Re-signs Long Brothers and Other Surf Brand Ambassadors

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – MARCH 1, 2010 – Ocean Minded is pleased to announce the re-signing of veteran Brand Ambassadors, Greg and Rusty Long, to a multi-year contract. The brothers, each known for their prowess in large surf and passion for adventure, have represented Ocean Minded for the last decade and have embraced the brand whole heartedly.

“We are elated to continue our support of Greg and Rusty through 2012,” stated Bob Tanner, the company’s Director of Marketing. “The brothers have been an integral part of Ocean Minded since 2000 and have become role models for what Brand Ambassadors should be. They still take the time to lead local beach clean-ups, provide product and brand feedback, and continue to epitomize what it means to 'be ocean minded'”, concluded Tanner.

Greg and Rusty recently worked with the Ocean Minded product team to develop the Long Brothers II signature sandal, which is part of the company’s Spring 2010 collection. Their new sandal features leather, hemp, an organic canvas strap, a recycled car tire outsole, and is currently available in stores as well as on-line.

“From the very beginning, I have stood by the product, environmental message, and amazing team of hard working individuals that have made Ocean Minded the successful brand that it is today,” said Greg, recent winner of 'The Eddie’. “I am excited, grateful, and honored to continue my long-standing relationship with the brand, well into the future.”

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue representing the positive attributes of Ocean Minded – Quality, Authenticity, Community and Responsibility,” concluded Rusty.

In addition to the Long brothers, Ocean Minded also re-signed Raph Bruhwiler, Daniel Jones, Dean Randazzo, Kai Sallas, Mikey DeTemple, and Nico Manos as Surf Brand Ambassadors, for 2010.

Be Ocean MindedTM

That simple idea is the foundation of our company. Being 'ocean minded’ and living an 'ocean lifestyle’ begins with the inspiration and allure that the world’s oceans and beaches offer each one of us. The Ocean MindedTM brand enables an individual to identify, visualize, and embrace their personal beach and water-oriented passions in the course of their daily adventure.

Live. Protect. Respect. TM

We can no longer deny that our planet is rapidly becoming a crowded and polluted place. Ocean MindedTM believes we should utilize recycled and sustainable materials in our footwear, apparel, and accessories whenever possible, and we consistently strive to achieve this.

Additionally, we feel that as both a corporation, and a group of individuals, it is essential to Live, Protect, and Respect our environment. Since 1996, we have been organizing community beach clean-ups around the world, and educating our customers on the importance of leaving their chosen playgrounds in better condition than when they were found.

Our belief that everything eventually ends up in the ocean has led us to host additional clean-ups in the mountains, as well as on the banks of inland rivers and lakes.

These values are the cornerstones of our Brand, and we invite you to Be Ocean MindedTM


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