Official Update: The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau

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**WARNING: The National Weather Service is issuing high surf warnings to local residents.
In the interest of public safety, the Civil Defense may close beach accesses along the North Shore of Oahu from Sunday night. The safest place to be is away from coastal areas. Avoid traffic and hazards by watching the event live when it goes at

The swell along the North Shore has made a strong and steady rise this-evening. Organizers are monitoring the conditions closely.

Contest Director George Downing has issued the following:
50% chance of running tomorrow, Monday December 7.
80% chance of running Tuesday, December 8.

An update will be issued at 7am Hawaii time Monday morning. Log on to find out the call.

The National Weather Service reports that swell will build early Monday and continue into Tuesday and Wednesday with open ocean swell heights exceeding 22 feet. This will translate to wave heights of 30 feet or higher at North Shore surf spots.

High surf in combination with high tides will produce dangerous battering waves that will pound the coastline, cause high run-up, and jeopardize beachfront properties.

Resources to stay up to date:
National Weather Service report phone line: (808) 973-4383 – detailed warnings and descriptions.
NOAA Oahu Surf Forecast