Pat Magnarella Management Announces Launch of PMC Sports Division Headed by Josh Landan

Encinitas, CA – Leading music-management company Pat Magnarella Management (PMM) is pleased to announce the official launch of its new sports division PMC Sports, which is headed by award-winning surf filmmaker Josh Landan. Landan, who came onboard as PMC Sports’ president in late 2009, has already signed surf stars Damien Hobgood, CJ Hobgood, Taylor Knox, Dillon Perillo, and Nathaniel Curran to the company’s client roster.

PMM, which is owned by veteran music manager Pat Magnarella, already represents multi-platinum music artists Green Day and Goo Goo Dolls, as well as Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham (who recently won a Golden Globe for the theme song to the film Crazy Heart), British alt-pop band The Hours, as well as acclaimed visual artists Logan Hicks, D*Face, and Charming Baker.

Magnarella first met Landan when PMM signed on to represent Landan as a director. Ventura-Calif.-born Landan – who began his career filming such pro surfers as The Malloys and Kelly Slater, and moved on to work with acclaimed surf filmmaker Taylor Steele as his cinematographer – has won several awards, including “Best Documentary” for his film FLOW at the X Dance Film Festival. His documentary Against the Grain, about snowboarder Tara Dakides, won Best Biography at X Dance and Best Action Sports Documentary at the San Diego Film Festival. Landan also has his own production company, The Background Collective, which has created music videos for such artists as Timmy Curran and PMM client Broadway Calls.

“We had developed a great relationship with Josh as a client, so when he came to me one day with the idea for launching a sports division that would represent the surfers that he knew and hung out with all the time, I thought it was a terrific idea,” Magnarella says. “I said, 'Great, go do it,’ and he did and now we have a great roster.”

“It’s such a California story, but we both surf and we really started talking about the management thing in the water,” Landan says. “It wasn’t like I said, 'Pat, I have this incredible idea: I want to start a management business.’ It was more organic. It all got hatched in the water. I wanted to work with Pat because he’s the best. Obviously there are a ton of music managers out there, but to me, what Pat’s done for as long as he’s done it, all the while staying successful, is incredible. I haven’t met anyone who works harder than him. I mean, I work really hard, but he is on another level.”

Both Magnarella and Landan agree that adding action sports clients to PMM’s existing roster of bands and visual artists is a perfect fit. “Music, action sports, and visual arts are naturally intertwined,” Magnarella says. “There’s a ton of crossover, which is why it makes sense to represent people from all of these fields – they all influence each other. And the bottom line is that we’re managers, we manage, so whether it’s a rock band, a surfer, or a graffiti artist, it comes down to assessing the clients’ long-term goals and helping them realize their dreams. That’s what we’ve always done, and that’s what we will continue to do with this new venture with Josh.”