Dear Surfers,

I am a resort operator in the Mentawai Islands.  Our neighboring islands recently underwent a triple disaster including a 7.7 earthquake, a 4m high tsunami, and then a cyclone, which has finally starting easing tonight.

I have taken it upon myself to reach out to everybody I know and ask for support to deliver building supplies and life necessities to the affected areas, starting November 23rd.

This is not spam, and not a hoax.  You can read more about the aid proposal by starting at the homepage of my resort website,, or by looking for “Help Mentawai” on Facebook.

These people are facing the rainy season starting this month with no houses to protect them from the elements, no fresh water wells, and no sanitation facilities.  I intend to change all that, and I have 2 weeks to gather the funds.

If you care about the Mentawai Islands and would like to help, please consider my proposal to do the most effective work with your donation.

Best Regards,

Christie Carter

Managing Director

WavePark Mentawai Resort