Honolulu, HI (March 29, 2010) — After a career spent testing the limits of heavywater surfing, Shane Dorian, an ambassador for Primo, recently tilted the sport on its axis when he paddled into massive 25-foot-plus waves at Jaws on Maui. A big-wave locale once regarded solely for tow-ins, Dorian's paddle-in antics at Jaws have reshaped what was once considered the limits for non-Jet Ski-assisted big-wave wave surfing. As images of the day's groundbreaking session recently spread through the Internet, it instantly became clear that what Dorian had accomplished was destined for the history books and would make him a clear contender for this year's Billabong's XXL Awards.

Held annually as a means to reward the most intense big-wave accomplishments of the year, the XXL awards have become a pinnacle component in the sport. In the past, Dorian has found himself on the winner's podium at the event on more than one occasion. Having narrowly made the deadline for this year's awards, Dorian's mammoth session at Jaws has already garnered a tremendous buzz leading into the event where he will be competing for the Monster Paddle, Ride of the Year, and Biggest Wave award.

When asked about the groundbreaking paddle session, Dorian remained his usual cool and collected self. "It's such a vast lineup and it's easy to get caught inside by a massive set or be out of position," Dorian said of Jaws to Surfline. "It was also super hard because there were a lot of guys towing right through us and windsurfers lapping us too. When paddling into waves that scary you don't want to be taking the scraps. I was stoked to get a couple good ones."

Photo: Batel Shimi

About Primo:
Shane Dorian has been a part of the Primo brand since 2007 and played a significant role in our re-launch. Primo is proud to support its surrounding communities by donating a portion of the proceeds from each case of Primo to nonprofit organizations that help preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and environment. For more information about Primo beer, visit www.primobeer.com.

For more information about Primo beer, visit www.primobeer.com.

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