Pro-Lite to Release New Travel Bags Exclusive to Core Channel Retail

Pro-Lite, known for its innovation in the surf accessory category and particularly in surf travel bags, is teed up to release yet another first-to- market travel bag, the 1-2- 3 Convertible. The most versatile travel bag on the market today, the 1-2- 3 Convertible can be transformed from a triple, to a double, to a single bag in a matter of seconds.

Pro-Lite’s new Core Channel Program, launching this June, will include the 1-2- 3 Convertible as well as two new colorways of the massively successful Smuggler bag (with its internal staggered partition to hide a board to avoid airline overage fees). The Core Channel Program will be specific to core channel vendors as these bags will only be offered to core retail distributors, and are limited to distribution through those partners brick-and- mortar stores and their respective online company sites. In short, Pro-Lite will not be allowing these bags to be sold on Amazon, EBay, or

"We have really seen the pendulum shifting away from core retailers, and trending into the realm of Amazon and similar platforms, where the lowest price wins out, and surf as a category, is not well- reflected for its unique culture and values. We view Amazon as something most brands cannot afford to overlook, but we really also must pay attention to the retailers that have helped us build our brand. It is our responsibility as surfers and as a brand to support the people who create the culture and preserve the lifestyle that we have come to call our own. By offering our newest products to retail first, we are hoping we can do our part in driving business to our core retail partners" said Sales and Marketing Director Mike "Hendo" Henderson.

The 1-2- 3 Convertible and additional colorways are slated to hit retail stores early in July. To find out more about the functionality of the 1-2- 3 Convertible, check out our youtube video: