Phone washes to shore seven months after being loast at sea

Professional Surfer Conner Coffin was surfing back in November 2012 in Rincon, a popular surf spot located at the Ventura and Santa Barbara County line. He had his smartphone with him in its mophie OutRide case so he could capture some photos and videos of his rides. He unfortunately didn't have his OutRide case strapped to his surfboard and it fell into the ocean, where he figured he would probably never see it again. In June 2013, Conner's mom received a call from his old smartphone from someone who had recovered it on the beach at La Conchita, about a mile away from Rincon. Conner's smartphone worked perfectly after spending seven months in the Pacific Ocean, during a season ripe with heavy winter storms and known for having the largest swells of the year.

Conner Coffin is a professional surfer based in Southern California who grew up in the coastal town of Santa Barbara. He was a winner of the 2012 North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior and the 2012 Nike US Open Pro Junior, and was named the North America Pro Junior Series Champion in the same year.