PSOS and BBR Team Up for New York

On November 17, PSOS Vice President Karon Pardue and Ambassador Mary Osborne will be driving across the country to bring essential supplies to hurricane survivors in New York City. Once in New York, PSOS will partner with the NY Surfrider Foundation to distribute theses replenishments and provide support for rebuilding this devastated area.

Please consider contributing money, items or both money and items.

Please find below a list of needed supplies:

• Clothing (shirts, jackets, etc. and socks, sock, socks! any size adults and children, Shoes & Boots*

• Baby items (diapers*, bottles, strollers, etc.)

• Non-perishable foods

• Water

• School Supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.)

• Toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, etc.)

• Pillows, Blankets, etc.*

• Towels*

• Pumps*

• Batteries* (especially D)

• Pet Food*

• Cleaning Supplies* (ex. gloves, soap, contractor bags, etc.)

• Shovels

• Generators*

Come between business hours of 9am-5pm
Address to the Pirate Ship:
729 W 16th St.
Suite A1
Costa Mesa, CA

For more info: