Quiksilver’s 40th Anniversary Bash Gave Parisians An Over-The-Top Weekend of Skateboarding, Music and Art

Huntington Beach, California, December 2, 2009— The Quiksilver Tony Hawk Show was the grand finale in a weekend of events celebrating Quiksilver’s 40th Anniversary in Paris, November 20-21 at the legendary Grand Palais. The weekend also included an epic street contest along with music and art exhibitions that were attended by over 30 global Quiksilver surf, skate and snow athletes and 14,000 very enthusiastic Parisians.

Saturday night began with a live art performance by French graffiti artist Andre on the main stage that also doubled as the largest vert ramp constructed in Europe. This was followed by a fashion show featuring 30 Quiksilver athletes including Kelly Slater, Travis Rice, Todd Richards, Robby Naish, Candide Thovex, Jérémy Florès, Mathieu Crépel, Serge Vitelli, Mark Richards, Tom Carroll, Alex Olsen, Danny Garcia, Reece Forbes and Roxy’s Kassia Meador, Lisa Andersen and Torah Bright.

The evening’s main event, The Tony Hawk Show, included Tony Hawk with special guests Sandro Dias, Kevin Staab, Andy MacDonald, Jean Postec, Jesse Fritsch, Sergie Ventura and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, who made skateboarding history. Highlights of the night included Tony landing his first 900° in almost a decade and Lyn-Z landing the first McTwist ever completed by a female. Lyn-Z, who had been trying the move all night under pressure from over 5,000 screaming fans, was also cheered on by both Tony Hawk and Kelly Slater–who offered her $1,000 if she could land it successfully.

The evening ended with a live concert by Dead by Sunrise, the new band formed by Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and a DJ set by Beastie Boys’ Mix Master Mike.

Quiksilver also hosted an invitational street competition over the weekend, which was held on a street course proportional to the dimensions of the Grand Palais. Paris’ own Bastien Salabanzi won the street contest with what one observer called “A session that had more great tricks than a lot of people’s video parts.”

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